Helsinki, Finland

Bolt in Helsinki

Helsinki is the bustling urban center of Finland. No matter where you are in the Helsinki Metropolitan area (Including Vantaa & Espoo), you can count on Bolt to get you a ride within minutes.

الخدمات المُتاحة

Affordable ride service.
1 - 4
€3.00 بداية
€0.90 كيلومتر + €0.15 دقيقة
€3.00 الحد الأدنى

Comfortable ride service.
€3.75 بداية
€1.37 كيلومتر + €0.38 دقيقة
€7.50 الحد الأدنى

Fares shown at booking are estimates only. Actual prices may vary based on traffic conditions, unforeseeable delays, tolls, discounts, applicable taxes, and other factors.

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