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Irpin, Ukraine!

Bolt in Irpin

Irpin is a city located on the Irpin river, which is a right confluent of Dnipro. Founded in 1648, it is currently experiencing a construction boom and is an incredibly popular place to buy new housing within the Kyiv agglomeration. Advantageous location relative to the capital, growing socio-economic situation and a huge areas of greenery, as for such a small town, makes Irpin a great option for living, especially for young families. Among the many interesting places to walk, it is worth noting the following parks: «Tsentralnyi», «Dubky», «Pokrovskyi», n.a. Volodymyr Pravyk & Writers park. And be sure to visit the Alley of Pryirpinnia’ Heroes and overcome the entire length of Irpin embankment (which is stretches for 8,800 m). Complete the tour with the «Dub Pradub» botanical monument (which is quercus robur tree about 600 years old), «Krynychka» hydrological reserve with a source of pure water and the incredible Central sq. with original sculptures & colorful fountains.

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