Promo kódy Bolt pro 2021

Získejte slevu až 20€ na Vaše Bolt jízdy díky oficiálním slevovým kódům

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Bolt promo codes

Official Bolt promo codes

Our latest voucher codes, helping you ride with Bolt for even less!

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How to add a promo code


Open the menu in your Bolt app


Tap Discounts


Enter your promo code, and tap Apply

Other ways of getting a Bolt ride discount

If you're an existing user, there are a couple of other ways to earn Bolt discount coupons or use promo codes to save money on rides

"Give-Get" referrals

Refer your friends to Bolt using your promo code and we'll give you a ride discount as a reward. We'll also give your friend a nice starting bonus!

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Social media giveaways

Keep an eye on our social media platforms (links at the bottom of the page) for Bolt ride credit giveaways. We host regular discount competitions!

Special events

Occasionally, when there's a special event coming up, we'll send you a voucher code that can be used to get a Bolt ride discount. Keep an eye on your inbox!