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Stryi is a city in the Lvivska oblast, located on the left bank of the Stryi river. Together with the Drohobytska agglomeration, they form the Drohobytsko-Stryiska conurbation. Being a relatively small settlement by Ukrainian standards (population of about 60,000 people; area is 16.95 km²), it is an important transport hub in western part of Ukraine. It was first mentioned in 1385. Like other cities alike in this area, which experienced different times in their fate – from the era of Rus, Polish-Lithuanian Union, Austrian Empire to the ZUNR (Zakhidnoukrainska Narodna Respublika), Soviet times and, finally, the independence of Ukraine (was 1st among the cities to raise the yellow-blue flag on March 14 1990), it is rich both culturally and architecturally. We recommend for sightseeing Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (its first building has existed since 1425 and was rebuilt several times due to fires), Church of Archangel Michael (built in 1907-1912), Stryiskyi Narodnyi Dim (1901) and Stryi City Culture Hall (1906).

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