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City of Ternopil – center of oblast and raion; an important center of culture, economy and tourism of Galicia. Founded back in 1540 on the river Seret, it now has more than 224,000 inhabitants (and its agglomeration is more than half a million). The most notable tourist attraction of the city is the Ternopilskyi pond with the Island of Lovers in the middle of it (you can reach it by a pedestrian bridge that connects with the waterfront promenade). Around it – a bunch of restaurants and places to walk (recently renovated «Tsyhanka» beach, regional landscape park «Zahrebellia» and the city park n.a. Taras Shevchenko or «Topilche» park). The city center is also nearby: you can catch the «Staryi Zamok» (which means old castle) built in 1540; walk along Valova streen all the way to the Theateralnyi Maidan (which is public square). Also you can order Bolt and get to the ancient town of Zbarazh nearby (it was founded in 1211) – and there you can immerse yourself into Zbarazkyi Castle. This fortification, designed by Vincenzo Scamozzi, was built for 6 years (1626~1632) and is now restored and open to the public.

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