We are making changes to our terms and conditions effective 25 April 2023

Bolt is changing its terms and conditions for passengers (T&Cs) in order to make some necessary updates and to also prepare for the launch of new taxi categories on our platform. These changes will apply from 7:00AM BST on 25 April 2023. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the new T&Cs via the following link in advance of these changes taking effect.

New - General Terms: Passengers A downloadable PDF of the T&Cs is available here

The following key changes will apply:

(1) There is a new part 3 of the T&Cs (the ‘Taxi Terms’) which sets out how you can access the Bolt platform, where available, to request transportation services from taxi drivers. For now, the Bolt platform will only make these services available in London, but we plan to extend this coverage in the future. Where such services are available, they will be shown to you in the Bolt app.

Pursuant to the Taxi Terms, taxi drivers will charge fares to passengers in accordance with their vehicle’s taximeter. In addition to taximeter fares, passengers will need to pay drivers booking fees for the making of the online booking (in line with local taxi regulations). In London, this booking fee will be £2. Bolt may also charge service fees, from time to time, which may vary per location. The total price you pay will always be estimated and displayed to you in the app in the usual way. More information on booking fees and service fees that apply will be made available here.

All private hire services requested via our platform will continue to be provided by Bolt in the usual way under part 2 of the T&Cs (now named the ‘Private Hire Terms’).

(2) Both passengers and drivers on the Bolt platform will be need to comply with the following new policies:

  • Child Safety Policy: this sets out that our platform should not be used to arrange the transportation of unaccompanied children and provides drivers with discretion to refuse a journey in such circumstances;
  • Fraud Policy: this sets out what might happen if we identify behaviour that is indicative of fraud. Prohibited behaviour includes, for example, providing Bolt with false information relating to journeys and allowing any other person to use log-in details that are personal to you.

Please note that a failure to comply with these policies may result in your suspension from the Bolt platform and a termination of your account. You should review these policies before they come into effect on 25 April 2023.

(3) A waiting fee may apply to you if you are more than two minutes late to meet a private hire driver at the relevant pick-up location. The relevant per minute rate will be made available to you in the Bolt app.

(4) The T&Cs expressly provide that Bolt is not a specialist goods transportation service and will not be liable for damaged or lost items that are sensitive, perishable, fragile or irreplaceable. As it does not provide taxi journeys, Bolt is also not responsible for lost property in respect of taxi services. Bolt will only be liable to any other damage to property if caused by its own negligence, up to a maximum of £250 per incident.

If you do not accept the changes, you may terminate your contract with us at any time by contacting us via the Bolt App (go to Support section and select Account and Data). Please note that we may ask you to confirm your acceptance of the new terms and conditions before you take a journey with us from 25 April 2023.

If you have any feedback or questions on the T&Cs, please email feedback.uk@bolt.eu.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Bolt Team

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