We are making changes to our terms and conditions effective 25 April 2023

Bolt is changing its terms and conditions for drivers (T&Cs) in order to make some necessary updates and to also prepare for the launch of new taxi categories on our platform. These changes will apply from 7:00AM BST on 25 April 2023. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the new T&Cs via the following link in advance of these changes taking effect.

New - General Terms: Drivers

The following key changes will apply:

  • There is a new part 3 of the T&Cs (the ‘Taxi Terms’) which sets out how taxi drivers can access the Bolt platform, where available, to provide transportation services directly to passengers. Pursuant to the Taxi Terms, taxi drivers will charge fares to passengers in accordance with their vehicles taximeter and Bolt will charge taxi drivers a commission. For now, the Bolt platform will only make these services available in London, but we plan to extend this coverage in the future. More information on how taxi drivers can sign up to provide these services is available here.

Please note that drivers that are already providing services via our platform will continue to provide their services under part 2 of the T&Cs (now named the ‘Private Hire Terms’). Bolt will continue to pay journey fees to such drivers in the usual way.

  • Both drivers and passengers on the Bolt platform will be need to comply with the following new policies:
  • Child Safety Policy: this sets our that platform should not be used to arrange the transportation of unaccompanied children and provides drivers with discretion to refuse a journey in such circumstances;
  • Fraud Policy: this sets out what might happen if we identify behaviour that is indicative of fraud. Prohibited behaviour includes, for example, providing Bolt with false information relating to journeys and allowing any other person to use log-in details that are personal to you.

Please note that a failure to comply with these policies may result in your suspension from the Bolt platform, a termination of your account and, in the case of the Fraud Policy, you having no entitlement to receive any sums that relate to prohibited behaviour. You should review these policies before they come into effect on 25 April 2023.

  • We will be able to terminate your Bolt account by providing you with not less than 30 days’ notice to that effect together with reasons for the termination. This is to provide Bolt with flexibility to, for example, remove dormant accounts from our systems, which will help streamline our reporting and administrative exercises.

  • We’ve set out circumstances where payments for journeys may differ from estimates provided to you (for example, if the journey is longer than anticipated, the journey doesn’t complete, or where there has been a technical error). This is to improve transparency and make sure you’re informed of where these situations may arise.

  • We’ve set out how you can make a request for early cashouts, where this feature is made available to you.

You will also still be able to log in whenever you like and are free to decline any journeys you don’t wish to do. Bolt will continue to be the best app to maximise your driver earnings - stay tuned for more campaigns and feature announcements in the future.

If you have any feedback or questions on the new terms, check out the FAQs below or email feedback.uk@bolt.eu. Alternatively look out for one of our upcoming driver forums where you can discuss the changes in person.

If you do not accept these changes you can terminate your contract with Bolt at any time by contacting us at uk-driver@bolt.eu.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

The Bolt Team

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