Requesting Data from Hopp

Requesting Data from Hopp

The following contains Hopp UK and Hopp UK group companies and partners ("Hopp UK") operational guidelines for all requests for the release of data.

Any request related to data should be submitted directly to Hopp UK's Data Protection Officer (" DPO") at If you have any concerns regarding a decision relating to an data release made by Hopp UK or wish to file a formal complaint, please do so by contacting the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) here:

Please be advised that both Passengers and Drivers can access trip invoices for completed rides through their Hopp UK application (the " App"), Hopp UK driver application (" Driver App"), or Driver portal. This includes data pertaining to pickup and drop off locations, distance, duration, date and time, fare breakdown, and method of payment.

The necessary information to support your request can often be provided in the most efficient manner through reviewing these documents.

About Hopp UK

Hopp UK and its licensors provide a digital marketplace, accessed via the App, that allows Hopp UK to accept requests from a user (" Passenger") for transport services and then make these requests available, through the Driver App, to licensed private hire vehicle drivers (" Drivers") to select to fulfil such requests (" Journeys") directly with Passenger.

Contacting Hopp UK

In order to request data from Hopp UK about a third party, you should submit your request to It is required your request include:

  • A clear description of the reason for the request
  • Data and time of the ride (s) (if applicable)
  • Name(s) of the data subject(s)
  • Proof of legal necessity (if applicable)
  • Contact information of the requestor for follow up

Requests without adequate information or those not related to data requests may not be considered. At our discretion, we will do our best to accommodate reasonable requests permitting the request does not conflict with applicable laws and the terms of our privacy policy available at:

Our team works hard to urgently process all requests for data, however our response time can be delayed as volume increases. Requests which are not in compliance with the guidelines, incomplete, or suspected to be fraudulent may not be granted or receive follow up contact.

We will do our best to grant requests representing merit, but may be required additional proof of legal necessity to compel the disclosure of the content. Please be aware that our customer support team who can be reached through other methods can only assist you with the process of submitting the request but are not able to accept, verify, or provide data relating to it.

All requests for data must be submitted in writing in order to be considered.

Preservation of Records

In line with our privacy policy, terms and conditions, and all applicable legal acts, Hopp UK is limited in how we collect, store and maintain data of Drivers, Passengers, and trips. In compliance with the requirements set forth by Transport for London we must retain data for a minimum of 12 months. Requests pertaining to extension of record preservation can be made to the DPO. Hopp UK will endeavour to persevere records associated with request, pursuant that it is made in connection with a criminal investigation and corresponds to the data protection policies outlined in our privacy policy. If no request is received, then we will not hold any personal data beyond the timeline stipulated in our data retention policy outlined in our privacy policy or than permissible under law.

Note that requests to this address must be accompanied proof of reason for the extension.

Process of Reviewing Requests

Hopp UK will provide data on the basis of the request submitted, permitting that the request made is proportionate and can be granted in accordance with our terms, policies and the applicable legal regulations. We review each request received and will reject requests that are not supported by clear legal necessity. In order to validate your request, please ensure you have included as much information as possible. When we determine that we are required by law to disclose data, we will locate and disclose data that we are reasonably able to retrieve.

Before making a request, please check to see if the data sought is publicly available and that your request is comprehensible, proportionate, and legally sound.

Note: If you are aware of an emergency situation, you should immediately and directly contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance.

Notice of Requests

Please be aware that at our discretion and as required and permitted by law, when acting in compliance with a request we may notify the parties involved prior to disclosing any data.