3 challenges of commuting during the COVID-19 pandemic

9 Aug 2021

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Many of us are currently trying to adapt to the new normal as parts of the globe slowly begin to re-open. Business commuters have experienced an especially drastic break from the norm. Whether used to a long commute to work or a shorter one, many professionals are having to overcome the challenge of travelling for work.

Here are 3 challenges and a great solution for commuting during a pandemic.

1. The public transportation question

Pre-covid, public transportation was a reliable way to get to and from the office. High-speed rail, the metro, and buses were affordable and eco-friendly ways for the professional masses to get to and from work on a daily basis.

Today, public transportation has a slightly more difficult relationship with commuters. Public transport is a means for many to travel in a single-mode all at once. COVID-19 has made doing anything in a group very difficult, not least piling into a double-decker bus on your way to work.

Even with preventative measures, such as masks and hand sanitiser, many commuters are still hesitant to begin using public transport again. As some businesses look to bring their staff back to the office, less group-based transportation alternatives may be of primary importance.

2. Rethinking the long commute to work

Long before COVID-19, employees were looking for solutions to shorten their commute. In crowded cities with lots of traffic, employees across the world have had to endure hours-long commutes each day.

Long, strenuous journeys for work are not only draining but are also considered to be ‘wasted time.’ in which individuals would much rather be working or spending time with their loved ones.

As professionals begin to return to the office, the obvious alternative is to find transportation solutions that don’t contribute to ‘wasted time.’ Companies should be looking for safer commuting options that don’t require their employees to be sitting behind the wheel; allowing them to catch up on emails, take a call, or maybe just relax.

3. Safely covering the last-mile

For employees who drive into cities where parking is difficult, a safer, more reliable and affordable last-mile service is absolutely essential.

Previously, many companies hosted their own shuttle services to cover these shorter distances. However, like public transportation, there’s now a major issue with large (or even small) groups of people coming together.

A more individual approach can make all the difference. Such solutions can also be a perfect fit for employees commuting to work or from work during off-peak hours.

An alternative in challenging times

Because of these challenges (and many more besides), companies are having to get creative to keep their workforce safe. Employees now have less patience for long commutes and are warier of crowded public or private transportation solutions.

This is where a reliable, safer and more convenient business travel and expense management solution, like Bolt Business, can work wonders. If your company is in search of a safer mode of transport during these uniquely challenging times, Bolt Business — a service that offers fast, affordable on-demand ground travel — may just be your perfect partner.

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