The advantages of using ride-hailing as a mode of transportation

20 Dec 2022

The advantages of using ride-hailing as a mode of transportation

The explosive growth of on-demand transport apps has fundamentally changed how we move. The past decade has seen the emergence of ride-hailing and pushed it firmly into the spotlight.

Urban populations are rocketing and ride-hailing is becoming a primary mode of transportation, with the potential to eliminate the need for personal vehicle ownership. An Accenture study has shown that nearly two-thirds of US car owners who ride-hail would consider selling their personal vehicles within the next decade.

In this article, we’ll explain all of the benefits of ride-hailing and detail how it compares to ride-sharing and public transport.

What is ride-hailing?

Ride-hailing refers to the act in which a customer uses an app to hire a personal driver to take them wherever they need to go. The vehicle is exclusive to the customer and is not shared with other riders, nor does it make multiple stops (unless requested). It allows the customer to go from point A to point B without any detours along the way.

How does it differ from ride-sharing?

Ride-sharing is a way for two or more passengers to get where they’re going by sharing a vehicle heading in a similar direction. The driver makes a sequence of pre-scheduled stops for passenger pick-ups and drop-offs. 

This transport mode isn’t to be confused with car-sharing, which allows a single car to be used by multiple drivers.

Why you should try ride-hailing

When the time comes to plan your next journey, here are some reasons why you should consider ride-hailing over ride-sharing and public transport:

Get more things done

Is there anything more stress-inducing than taking a call on a busy bus or sitting next to a curious toddler while trying to get a head start on your day? Whether you’re on the way to a family get-together or returning to the office after a longer-than-expected business lunch, it’s important to maximise every minute of the day. 

When you use a ride-hailing app to move around the city, the possibilities for increased productivity are endless! From the backseat you can sort through emails, make calls, or even take the opportunity to catch up on some beauty sleep — we’re not judging! 

An easy-to-use mode of transportation

When it comes to convenience, there’s no comparison between ride-hailing and public transport; ride-hailing wins every time. 

Instead of chasing a passing-by taxi or plotting the ins and outs of the local bus network, ride-hailing app users can get a ride at their location in a matter of minutes. That means no more waiting half an hour for the next train or bus. You don’t even need to pinpoint a pick-up spot — the drivers know exactly where you are, even if you don’t!

The convenience doesn’t stop with the pick-up. Once you reach your destination there’s no need to exchange any cash, since your account is linked with all of your payment information. This means you can be on your way without any hiccups. 

For business journeys, Bolt Business also takes the hassle out of expensing work rides. 

Moving around in comfort 

Ride-hailing apps provide a safe and secure alternative to public transport. If you’re in the mood for more comfort and privacy, you’ll get your own backseat space and only ride with a driver who always follows local health guidance. Additionally, we conduct a background check on all prospective drivers and vehicles and have a wide selection of in-app safety features, meaning you never have to be in any doubt about your safety. 

Anywhere, any time

Whether you need a 3 a.m. ride to your hotel from the airport or a quick way of getting to your meeting on the other side of town, ride-hailing apps are the 24/7 option in your pocket. If you’re looking for a safe and reliable alternative to other means of transport, choose Bolt. Get around town fast, affordably and safely — without sacrificing on quality. 
Download the Bolt app, order a ride in seconds, and get picked up in minutes!

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