Here’s what you can do to keep Bolt rides safe

29 Mar 2021

At Bolt, we’ve made it our mission to connect our passengers with affordable rides with a tap of a button. And at the heart of this mission, we want to ensure the health and safety of both driver and passengers from pickup to dropoff and everything in between!

For this reason, we’ve put massive amounts of time and resources into building the right tools and processes into our business model, which includes thoroughly vetting our contractors through the driver registration process. That said, we believe that safety is too important not to be everybody’s priority. So here are our top safety tips for passengers from pickup to dropoff and everything in between.

Before you get going

You’ve ordered a ride, your driver has accepted and is currently en route to you. Make sure you’re in place at the agreed-upon location, but use your best judgement when it comes to picking a spot where your driver will be able to see you and safely pull over so you can enter the vehicle.

Once you’re in place at the pickup location, be sure to review the driver’s photo and name as well as the vehicle’s make, model and license plate number. You shouldn’t begin your trip until you’ve verified that all the information checks out.

Before you set off on your journey, a few final safety concerns. If you’re bringing along any large and/or heavy parcels, it’s best to ask your driver to help you securely store them in the boot of the car for maximum car safety. If you’re travelling with young children, make sure you’re using an appropriate child’s seat which has been properly secured before you set off to your ultimate destination.

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget about yourself! Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened before setting off on your journey.

During the ride

Once you’re en route to your destination, please remain buckled in and refrain from any activities which may distract the driver from the road. Please keep all extremities safely contained within the vehicle until you’ve come to a complete stop.

Have you heard about Bolt’s Share your ETA feature? It’s an additional layer of safety that we’re proud to offer to our passengers! While your ride is in progress, open the Bolt app and you’ll see the option to “Share your ride details.” Your loved ones will be able to travel along with you in real-time on the map so they’ll be able to see exactly where you are, and when they can expect you to arrive.

Your feedback helps to keep Bolt rides safe

Once you’ve arrived and the vehicle has come to a complete stop, be cautious when opening car doors and exiting. It’s best to exit on the side of the vehicle that won’t put you in the path of oncoming traffic — even if it means you have to do an awkward scooch across the backseat. And once you’ve exited, don’t forget to retrieve any belongings you may have stored in the boot!

We rely on rider feedback to improve future journeys. So if you have any concerns about your driver driving safely, please do not hesitate to share your honest opinion with us. Drivers who repeatedly receive low ratings from passengers risk losing access to the platform.

Finally, if you experienced a less than satisfactory experience with Bolt, we encourage you to share your experience with our Customer Support team, who are trained in the art of setting things right and can ensure that whatever problem you’ve experienced is handled with the appropriate level of care and concern. You can reach our support team at any time directly within the Bolt app.

Thank you for choosing to ride with Bolt and we wish you happy and safe travel.

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