Are you an influencer? Here’s how to join the Bolt Ambassador Program

Nov 6, 2019

Are you an influencer? Here’s how to join the Bolt Ambassador Program

Ever heard of our Bolt Ambassador Program? Well, if you’re an influencer, this is exactly for you. Bolt Ambassador Program unites more than 500 social media influencers from all around the world, giving them an opportunity to take part in the cool marketing activities of Bolt. 

Eager to know more? Let’s take it from the top.

How does the Bolt Ambassador Program work?

The setup is easy: you create awesome Bolt related content for Instagram and other social media channels, we give you free Bolt rides and/or money and perks in exchange.

What do you mean by awesome content?

We’ve put together some straightforward guidelines for you to follow. It may sound boring, but rest assured – we’re not looking for dull “me standing happily in front of a Bolt car” type of pictures. It’s quite the opposite, and you’ll definitely have a lot of freedom to let your creative juices flow. See, here are a few examples:

What do you mean by awesome content?

And what do I get from it?

Everything is based on data – we take into account things like niche, follower count, engagement rate and the quality of it, audience’s age, location and overall credibility.

The majority of the influencers in the Bolt Ambassador Program receive free rides to compensate for their work, with 20% TOP players also getting paid some extra.

In addition to the main compensation package, our influencers get:

  • A personalized promo-code to share with their followers;
  • Branded gift bags;
  • A chance to be featured on Bolt’s official Instagram accounts;
  • Possibilities to take part in content competitions;
  • Local marketing campaigns for extra rewards.

And there’s even more awesome stuff to come, stay tuned for that!

What kind of influencers are you working with?

All kinds!

What we’re looking for is engaging content, a loyal audience of at least 5000 people, and an affinity for Bolt — it’s as simple as that.

Here are a few influencers participating in the Bolt Ambassador Program and their thoughts:

@majestic_mey: “Bolt just makes life easier! And it’s always fun meeting people from different walks of life every time I request a Bolt ride. Sometimes I even get the same driver & it’s like meeting an old friend!”

@nayatalks: “I am very happy with the Program. It’s amazing to work with a brand you and others can be proud of. Bolt understands the importance of balance, sustainability and safety. This is my first ambassador role and it’s more than I could have ever imagined!”

@munarrrgh_: “I am a Bolt Ambassador because I’m really big on Bolt usage. I literally go everywhere and anywhere with Bolt and I derive joy from introducing my followers to the platform.”

@ritapatrocinio: “As a Bolt Ambassador, I have the opportunity to encourage my followers to make a more eco-friendly choice, as well as promote time efficiency. It’s amazing how much time and stress is saved by using the app and avoiding traffic!”

@cindywanderlust: “I move around the city a lot and usually to save my time I take a quick ride with Bolt. It is very fun for me to be a Bolt Ambassador and record videos during rides, share funny stories and always spread positivity, plus Bolt has awesome drivers along the way. This is for sure one of the best collaborations I have had so far!”

So, how can I join?

Do you have at least 5000 followers on Instagram (or less, but your engagement is off the charts)?

Do you have a passion for creating great content?

Do you enjoy using Bolt?

If your answer is yes to all of the above, go ahead and apply!

In case you have experience promoting and selling a service to your audience, be sure to let us know! It will make the admissions process quicker and our work together more rewarding for you. Hope to hear from you soon!

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