Bolt scooters are soon to be part of Oslo’s Ruter public transport system

Nov 23, 2022


We’re thrilled to announce that Bolt scooters will soon be integrated as part of the Oslo public transport app, Ruter! Ruter is a public transport company in charge of planning, coordinating, ordering, and marketing public transport in Oslo and Viken (formerly Akershus).

From 2018, Ruter has looked to integrate more sustainable measures into their organisation as a part of their policy to put sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

Ruter’s vision to provide ‘sustainable freedom of movement’ perfectly aligns with Bolt’s mission of building cities for people, not cars. That’s why we believe that Bolt and Ruter are a perfect match.

Why would a public transport company choose micromobility?

Climate change is starting to have a big impact on our lives and more and more cities are adopting strategies that minimise their footprint. The city of Oslo is no exception — its Climate Strategy is closely linked to the UN’s sustainability goals and contains 16 steps the city must take to become emission-free by 2030. Four of those steps are closely linked to the issue of transport.

Since transport accounts for approximately half of the direct greenhouse gas emissions in Oslo, the city is planning to:

  1. Reduce car traffic by 20% by 2023 and by a third by 2030, and make walking, cycling, and public transportation the first choices for moving in Oslo;
  2. Ensure that all passenger cars on the roads of Oslo are emission-free by 2030 and that all public transportation vehicles are emission-free by 2028.
  3. Accept only emission-free heavy transport or one that runs on sustainable renewable fuels.
  4. Ensure that port operations and traffic on the fjords are emission-free.

The city plans to prioritise walking, cycling, and public transport over private cars, among other things by speeding up the construction of cycling infrastructure, making public transportation more affordable and expanding it into the outer districts of the city and across Oslo. 

And that’s where Bolt steps in.

What Bolt brings to the table

Being an expert in micromobility and an active member of Næring for KIima, a climate collaboration between Oslo municipality and businesses, Bolt is doing its part to help the city reach its goals. 

Our carbon-neutral scooters will complement Oslo’s public transport system and help riders go about their daily tasks in a more sustainable way.

Benefits of the collaboration between Ruter and Bolt

The full integration of Bolt scooters in the Ruter app is beneficial to both municipality and our users, since:

  • it provides more sustainable and individualised public transportation services;
  • it reduces wait time;
  • it resolves the first/last mile problem;
  • it offers a sustainable alternative to private cars;
  • it minimises the number of people using public transportation during rush-hours;
  • it caters to the transportation needs of a larger urban area;
  • it allows users to pay for the whole journey in a single (Ruter) app.

And since, in addition to Oslo, Ruter is also involved in micromobility in three different municipalities — Baerum kommune, Nordre Follo, and Asker kommune, half a million Norwegians will now be able to ditch their car and move in a greener way.

It’s time to move in a more sustainable way

Bolt’s integration in the Ruter app makes it clear that micromobility is important not only for providing good public transport services, but also for creating more sustainable and livable cities.

“We are very proud of this collaboration with Ruter. An important part of our mission is to reduce the number of private cars, noise and air pollution by making it easier for citizens to make more sustainable choices while getting from A to B with less effort. We’re sure that the integration of Bolt in the Ruter app will contribute to a greener city of Oslo.”

Jose Rei, Country Manager at Bolt

If you also wish to contribute to a greener world, all you need to do is download the Bolt app and get going!

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