3 new Bolt app features you should check out

Apr 26, 2023

Yes, there’s something different about the Bolt app. Thanks for noticing! We’re constantly improving the Bolt app to make it more user-friendly for you and your driver, and we’ve just launched 3 new features in our ride-hailing markets. Discover what they’re about and how they’ll make the most convenient way to move even smoother for everyone.

Live Lock-screen Notifications

Our most eye-catching new feature will make you question how you have ever lived without it.

Live Lock-screen Notifications’ lets you track your driver’s progress live and directly on your lock screen without needing your phone to be unlocked and the Bolt app open.

You won’t believe how much easier getting ready just got! No more ‘Thumb war’ to unlock your phone while also trying to button your coat.

Besides convenience, not needing to unlock your phone will also improve your safety in public.

The perks of Live Lock-screen Notifications

Live Lock-screen Notifications will display your whole journey. Here’s what you can see:

  • Pick-up time. See how much time you have in minutes with a cute little animation (one for the visual learners!) The feature will display any updates in real-time.
  • The driver has arrived. See when your ride is there and ready to pick you up.
  • Waiting time info. Know how long you have until your free waiting time ends and once it’s ended.
  • Car’s details. View the car’s licence plate, colour and model information to find your Bolt Ride easily. These will be visible the whole time the driver’s approaching.
  • Journey details. Once you get in, the feature will display your drop-off time and destination, and you’ll see the cute little Bolt animation again!

iPhone 14Pro+ will also feature a Dynamic Island with the arrival time on your home screen, displaying the full ride details when tapped.

And yes — the feature has a dark mode! It’s automatically activated when you enable dark mode on your phone.

Live Lock-screen Notifications is currently available for iOS, and we’re working on bringing it to Android users soon. Stay tuned!

Bolt app features

Live Location Sharing

We’re sure you’d like to get picked up as quickly as possible. This feature helps to do just that!

The app screen will display a location icon when you’re waiting for your ride to arrive. Press it to share your live location with your driver. You can choose to share only this one time or every time you’re using the Bolt app to order a ride.

Sharing your live location with the driver has three benefits:

  • Faster pickups — you’re helping drivers find you quicker.
  • Less hassle — you’ll get picked up at your exact location.
  • Increased safety — you’ll make yourself and your driver safer by making it easier to find each other and reducing wait time.

The Bolt app will only share your location with your driver once they’re close to your pick-up point, and you can disable the feature anytime by tapping the location icon.

Live Location Sharing

Rider Rating

The ‘Rider Rating’ feature allows riders to be rated just like drivers — ensuring everyone on the Bolt platform is treated fairly and respectfully.

You can see your score when you tap your profile in the Bolt ride-hailing app. We calculate the rating based on the scores you have received from your drivers in the last 365 days.

Rider Rating is the key to quickly and easily getting where you need to go. Drivers can see it before accepting your order and may choose to decline if your rating is low. So aim for a top-notch rider rating to get your ride request accepted quickly!

What goes around, comes around — the more drivers want to drive with Bolt, the shorter the arrival times and lower the fees.

How to maintain a high score

Keeping your Rider Rating high comes down to treating the driver and their car as you’d like to be treated. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure a good score:

  • Be polite and considerate.
  • Don’t leave any rubbish behind.
  • Close the doors gently.
  • Wear your seatbelt as required by law!
  • Avoid cancelling rides lightly.
How to maintain a high score

If any of these features are missing in your Bolt ride-hailing app, make sure your app is upgraded to the latest version.

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