How Bolt Food supports partner restaurants and stores

Nov 21, 2022

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At Bolt Food, we’re committed to helping our partner restaurants and grocery stores drive order numbers and grow their businesses. 

The food delivery market is expected to grow by over 10% in Europe and over 15% in Africa annually. So, if you want to be a part of that ride, learn how we can help you scale your business as a Bolt Food grocery store or restaurant partner.

Onboarding support

First, we’ll help get your business up and running fast on the Bolt Food app. We create profiles for our partner restaurants and stores and add your details. Our helpful guides will explain how to edit your hours, accept orders, and more. 

We’ll also be in contact regularly to ensure your onboarding goes smoothly.

We’ll teach you how to create well-structured menus and appetising photos — with a photoshoot if needed. We also provide our partner restaurants and stores with Bolt Food merchandise and social media templates. These can also help you to increase your orders and sales.

Valuable insight

Bolt Food partners can manage their profiles in our partner portal. There, you can check your sales, ratings, and orders and compare them to previous weeks and months.

We’re happy to share our expertise with our restaurant partners and stores to help optimise and scale your business.

In the partner portal, restaurant partners and stores can access valuable metrics. Reports showing when you receive the most orders or your best-selling items can help you plan your resources to increase profit. 

You can easily adjust your menu to test new products or create flash sales. You’ll also have access to customer feedback so you know what’s working and what’s not.

restaurant partner weekly insights

In-app visibility 

Bolt Food partners can get more visibility through the app in various ways. The in-app filters and pickup option help Bolt Food users discover nearby partner restaurants and stores. Each new partner restaurant and store is featured in the most prominent spot — the Bolt Food app’s main screen. Partners with the highest ratings are also featured there.

Themed home categories for local holidays or special events feature relevant restaurants and stores. After a purchase, your business is displayed in a customer’s Order again category view. These highlighted categories get thousands of views every day.

restaurant partner visibility

Campaign support

You can significantly increase your sales by taking part in a featured campaign — and we can advise on which campaigns will work best to meet your goals. 

Our new self-service promotions feature allows restaurant partners and stores to create new offers quickly and easily. We’ll feature your offers on the app’s main screen and occasionally include them in social media posts and emails for maximum visibility. 

Offers like buy one, get one free will instantly get you more visibility and orders. And discounts on certain foods, menu bundle discounts, or free items with purchases over a certain amount help increase average basket sizes and bring more orders. On average, Bolt Food restaurant partners participating in our marketing campaigns have seen a 30% increase in sales and a 5% increase in orders!

restaurant partner campaigns

Customer support

We take our partner restaurants and stores through a thorough onboarding process and provide step-by-step guides. But if questions should arise, the provider help page has plenty of useful information.

If you need a human touch, don’t hesitate to ask our customer service specialists for help. We’ll be there for our partner restaurants and stores whether you have questions about orders or changing your menu. 

You can contact us with a tap of a button in the Bolt Food Restaurant app or by logging into the provider portal and opening the chat feature. 

Ready to become a Bolt Food restaurant or grocery store partner?

With Bolt Food, you get full transparency of your sales volumes and commission, plus weekly payouts and all the benefits mentioned above!

To learn more about Bolt Food read the blog post five reasons to choose Bolt Food as your delivery partner or get useful marketing tips from does your restaurant need a website.

If you’re ready to become a partner, sign up here.

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