Unconventional date ideas that create lasting memories

Jun 1, 2023

unconventional date ideas

Looking to break free from the ordinary and add a dash of uniqueness to your date ideas? 

Traditional options like a simple dinner, board game night, or stroll in the park with ice cream might not seem as appealing for the perfect date.

A unique twist can transform a regular plan into a truly unforgettable experience.

So, if you’re preparing for Valentine’s Day, arranging a special date night, or want to create a magical moment with your partner, this blog’s for you. 

We’ll offer the best date ideas to make your time together extra special and unique.

Bad movie night 

couple watching movie

Who says movie dates have to be all about critically acclaimed films and high ratings on IMDb? 

Have you ever considered the idea of bad movies for your date? Yes, you read that right — those so-bad-they’re-good guilty pleasures. 

The ones with over-the-top acting, awful camerawork, and poor screenwriting. 

Surprisingly, these cinematic disasters can be incredibly enjoyable and make for a hilariously entertaining and unique date night experience.

It’s a fresh and amusing twist on the typical movie night, perfect for couples looking to add laughter and excitement to their date night.

If you’re looking for some hilariously bad movies to enjoy on your special date night, here are a few suggestions:

Remember, the goal is to have fun as a couple and enjoy the unintentional hilarity of these movies. 

So grab some popcorn or cookies, and get ready to laugh! 

Mystery food date 

Mystery food date

If you’re looking for romantic things to do at home, why not try something beyond the ordinary? 

Instead of simply ordering food, spice up your routine with an exciting twist — mystery food night!

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Open your favourite food delivery app;
  2. Blindfold each other;
  3. Take turns ordering food randomly without revealing your choices. 

But don’t put away the blindfolds just yet! 

The real excitement begins when the food arrives, and you dig in while still blindfolded — relying solely on your senses to solve the mystery of what you’ve ordered. 

Try deciphering the smell, flavours, ingredients, and textures with each bite. 

If the guessing becomes challenging, help your date figure out what they’ve ordered. 

Provide clues about the dish’s country of origin, unique ingredients, and other hints to guide them towards the correct answer.

Time to forget the usual trivia night! A mystery food date is a playful and thrilling experience that adds extra fun to your date night. 

Cooking challenge

Cooking together is a fantastic romantic date idea and a great way to strengthen your bond. 

It enhances communication, ignites your creativity, and takes you on a delightful journey of culinary exploration and creativity.

But if you’re seeking more fun date ideas, why not add excitement to the cooking process? 

Incorporate fun challenges that make you feel you’re on your own MasterChef show.

Here are some ideas: 

  • Time cap challenge: Choose a meal and race against the clock to see if you can prepare it within a specific time limit.
  • Money cap challenge: Set a challenging budget and ensure your ingredients and final creation stay within that range. 
  • Swap challenge: Take turns with your partner every 10 minutes while cooking dinner. You take the first 10 minutes, then let your partner continue, and keep swapping.
  • Random letter challenge: Draw a random letter and challenge yourselves to prepare a dish that starts with that letter. 

With these challenges, you’ll laugh, learn, and enjoy a TV-worthy cooking experience as a couple. 

Remember to check out Bolt Market for your next cooking challenge session. This online grocery store is a great place to have all the necessary ingredients delivered to your door in minutes!

Walking bingo

If you’re looking for something beyond a home date, walking bingo is the perfect choice! 

Walking with your partner is a fantastic way to stay active. 

But with a playful twist of walking bingo, you can turn an ordinary walk into a fun date idea that makes the activity much more engaging and exciting.

Walk around your neighbourhood or a nearby park and see how many items you can spot from your bingo card.

When you spot five of them in a row, shout “BINGO!” and celebrate your victory together. 

Walking bingo is a great free date idea and a fun way to make your walk more interesting, engaging, and filled with laughter.

Weird museums

Museums are another popular option for romantic dates. 

They offer the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your partner, spark intriguing conversations, and broaden your cultural horizons.

While admiring timeless masterpieces and traditional artworks is undeniably captivating, it has become common and predictable.

For a truly fun date night, consider visiting some weird museums in your area.

Explore extraordinary exhibits, peculiar artefacts, and unique collections at these museums.

Here are some of the weirdest museums in the world to give you a better idea of how cool or weird these places can be:

Turn your dates into unique experiences

The world of unique date ideas is full of endless possibilities to ignite the spark in your relationship. 

Whether you’re a married couple looking for new adventures or just starting out and seeking the perfect date night idea, there are countless options for you to explore.

Embrace the unexpected, try something out of the ordinary, and enjoy the memories you create together.

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