Car sharing accessible to all

Because at Bolt we are convinced that shared mobility is for everyone, we have decided to offer 10% discount on the rate per minute, on all journeys to all students, job seekers and eligible users. social minima (RSA, activity bonus, ASS, AER-R, ATA, ADA, AAH, ASI, AV, ASV, ASPA).

To benefit from the 10% reduction on the rate per minute on all your Bolt Drive journeys for a year, it's very simple! Just complete the form below.

Bolt Drive discounts are only available in Lyon at the moment.
Supporting documentsPlease add proof of your eligibility for this offer (PDF or photo etc.) as well as a valid identity document.

Please note that the data and documents you submit will be handled by Bolt in accordance with Bolt Drive's Privacy Policy.

To activate your discount:

  1. Complete the form by providing the requested supporting documents.
  2. After sending the form, you will receive a confirmation from our teams within 5 days.
  3. Once the confirmation email has been received, the reduction will be applied automatically to your next shopping.