General Terms for Package delivery

These General Terms for Package delivery are set out in accordance with and in addition to General Terms for Carriers, Privacy Policy for Carriers, Terms and Conditions for Passengers and Privacy Policy for Passengers and define the conditions for using Package delivery via Bolt App.

Anything not covered by these General Terms for Package delivery, shall be governed by General Terms for Carriers and Privacy Policy for the Carriers and Terms and Conditions for Passengers and Privacy Policy for Passengers for the Clients. In case of any contradictions regarding using Package delivery, the conditions set forth in these General Terms for Package delivery shall prevail.

By using Bolt App each Client and Carrier respectively agree to the application and content of these General Terms for Package delivery as well as to the processing of the personal data on the conditions incorporated to these General Terms for Package delivery and Privacy Policy.


Client - means a user of Bolt App that has ordered a delivery of a Package and thereby enters into a Delivery Agreement with the Carrier.
Delivery Agreement - means the agreement between the Client and the Carrier for the delivery of the Packages.
Drop-Off Location - means the address specified in Bolt App, where the Client wishes the Package to be delivered.
General Terms for Package delivery - means these terms and conditions applicable to the relationship between Bolt and the User in relation to the use of Bolt App by the User for Package delivery.
Package - means the item(s) subject to the delivery, with the exception of the Excluded Packages.
Recipient - means any person (including the agent or representative of a legal person) whose identity and contact details are shared via Bolt App to the Carrier by the Client as Recipient of the Package, and located at the Drop-off Location or, where applicable, within a nearby adjacent area, subject to its designation by any means by the Client.
User - means either the Client or the Carrier as the context requires.


2.1. Bolt App enables the Client to order deliveries of Package(s) to the Recipient at Drop-Off Location by selecting “Delivery” category in Bolt App. The Client acknowledges that delivery of Packages is not a door-to-door delivery and the Recipient must be informed in advance by the Client about the requirement to pick up the Package from the Carrier’s vehicle. The Carrier is not responsible for loading and unloading of the Package.

2.2. For the delivery of Package, the Client enters into a Delivery Agreement directly with the Carrier. The Delivery Agreement is deemed to be concluded from the moment that the order for delivery of a Package is confirmed by the Carrier via Bolt App. Carriers who do not wish to use Bolt App for deliveries of Packages can opt out from such deliveries by notifying Bolt respectively.

2.3. By operating the Bolt App, Bolt acts only as a provider of the information society service and is not a party to the Delivery Agreement. Bolt is not the provider of the delivery services, and is not liable in any way for the performance under the Delivery Agreement. Bolt does not supervise, direct or control the manner in which the delivery of Packages is carried out by the Carrier.

2.4. Bolt App may not be used for ordering deliveries of Packages containing goods that have not been approved by Bolt ("Excluded Packages") as eligible for Bolt App. Excluded Packages include:

2.4.1. goods that do not fall into package size limits 65 x 55 x 40 cm or goods that weigh more than 20 kg;

2.4.2. animals, human beings and other living or dead creatures, including their parts, remains, fluids or substances derived from products originating from animals, human beings or other creatures;

2.4.3. bank notes (including foreign currency), credit cards, securities, jewellery, gift vouchers and similar valuables;

2.4.4. firearms and their parts, ammunition, melee weapons, other items specially designed for attack and defence (e.g. knuckles, stilettos);

2.4.5. flammable, combustible, explosive and radioactive or other ionising substances, munitions, gas, infectious, poisonous or corrosive materials which by their nature may pose danger to the environment;

2.4.6. drugs and other psychotropic substances which are subject to special control in accordance with the legislation;

2.4.7. food, alcohol beverages, ethyl alcohol, high-octane oxygen containing impurities, tobacco;

2.4.8. goods, the value of which exceeds 200 EUR;

2.4.9. other items that are not allowed to be delivered, transported by law and items that cannot be transported, delivered without additional licenses, permits, approvals etc., including goods which cannot be delivered due to the capacity of the Client or Recipient (e.g. medicine which requires medical prescription).

2.5. The Client must make sure that the Package is in a suitable condition for delivery (including clean, suitable for a delivery in a vehicle) and that the Package will not be damaged and/or its condition will not change until it is delivered to the Recipient.

2.6. The Carrier may cancel the delivery of a Package if the Carrier upon pick up discovers or has reasons to think that the Package is an Excluded Package or does not comply with Section 2.4. of these General Terms for Package delivery.

2.7. Every User shall indemnify, defend or settle and hold Bolt harmless against any loss or damage (including legal costs) which Bolt may sustain or incur, in relation to any third party claim, to the extent such claim is based upon any breach by the User of the provisions of these General Terms.

2.8. The Carrier is solely liable for the performance of the Delivery Agreement and for any claims presented under the Delivery Agreement. Bolt is not liable for any failure or non-conformity of performing the Delivery Agreement and assumes no liability for any traffic violations or accidents sustained during the performance of the Delivery Agreement.

2.9. If the Client files a claim due to the breach of the Delivery Agreement, the Carrier shall release Bolt from all liability regarding the claim.

2.10. The Carrier's total liability for material damage or consequential loss, such as loss, theft, material damage, average or destruction of the items of the Package shall be the greater of (i) the original value of the affected items of the Package; or (ii) the amount of their repair or reconstitution, in both cases up to the limit of equivalent of 200 EUR.

2.11. Bolt App is provided to the Users strictly on an "as is" basis. Bolt will not be liable for any interruptions, connection errors, unavailability of, or faults in the Platform. In no event shall Bolt's aggregate liability for any and all claims arising out of the use of Bolt App by the same User, including those based on tort, agreement or other grounds, exceed equivalent of 500 EUR or the amount of the fees paid to Bolt, whichever is lower.


3.1. The Client shall order a delivery of Package(s) by the Carrier to the Recipient at Drop-Off Location. The Client and Carrier will enter into the Delivery Agreement upon confirmation of the order by the Carrier. The Client is solely liable for the payment for Package delivery.

3.2. The Client represents and warrants that it has obtained consent or agreement from the Recipient for sharing their telephone number(s) and/or other contact details to the Carrier via Bolt App and allowing the Carrier to contact them in connection with the performance of the Delivery Agreement. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Carrier may need to contact the Recipient in order to meet its obligations under the Delivery Agreement.

3.3. The Carrier shall deliver Package(s) to the Drop-Off Location inserted by the Client in Bolt App.

3.4. The Recipient must be present at the Drop-Off Location at the estimated time of delivery indicated in Bolt App. The Client shall share the estimated time of delivery with the Recipient. The Client must be available to receive calls via Bolt App from the moment of ordering the delivery of Package(s) via Bolt App until delivery of Package(s) to the Recipient. In case of failure to hand over the Package due to the Client and/or the Recipient in accordance with Section 3.5. of these General Terms for Package delivery, the Carrier will contact Bolt’s customer service in order to authorize Bolt to cancel the delivery and to receive further advice regarding the Package. If the Carrier is instructed to return the Package to the Client, the Carrier shall return the Package to the Client and the Client will be billed for such return. After handing over the possession of the Package to the Recipient, the Carrier marks the delivery as "Finished" on the Bolt App.

3.5. Bolt, on behalf of the Carrier, may cancel the delivery in the following cases:

3.5.1. the Recipient is not available at the Drop-Off Location within 5 minutes of the arrival of the Carrier thereto;

3.5.2. the Client failed to provide the Recipient’s telephone number or the Recipient's telephone number provided by the Client cannot be reached by the Carrier within 5 minutes.

3.6. Any delivery time or other time estimate communicated to the Client via Bolt App are only estimated times. There is no guarantee that the Package will be delivered at the estimated time. The Client acknowledges that delivery times may also be affected by objective factors such as traffic jams, rush hours and weather conditions.

3.7. The Carrier is prohibited from adding or removing any packaging and has to deliver the Package as prepared by the Client. The Carrier is not allowed to change, modify, add to, remove from or temper with the Package in any way and ensure the Package is not damaged, destroyed, stolen or lost as well as act responsibly in the driving of its means of transport.


4.1. Bolt is entitled to remove the User from Bolt App with immediate effect and/or refuse or cancel any deliveries of Packages(s), if it causes any abuse or harm to Bolt App, if Bolt has reasonable belief of fraudulent acts by the User when using Bolt App, or if the User otherwise fails to comply with its obligations under these General Terms (e.g. by Recipient not being present at the Drop-Off Location on several occasions).

4.2. The User may not use Bolt App for any unlawful purpose, including for the purposes of money laundering. If the User violates this Section, Bolt may permanently suspend the User from using Bolt App.