Bolt Drive Conduct Guidelines

We want everyone to have a safe, smooth, and satisfying experience with Bolt Drive. By following these guidelines, you’ll keep the roads safe and help us to provide a comfortable service for other users.

Ensure that you always:

  • Drive safely and responsibly;

  • Follow the traffic and parking rules;

  • Use Bolt Drive vehicles according to the Bolt Drive Terms & Conditions;

  • Pay all fees, fines, and any other expenses that you may receive on time.

When renting a vehicle, ensure that you:

  • Leave the vehicle in a good condition;

  • Leave the vehicle’s accessories and equipment (car keys, fuel card) where you found them;

  • Remove any rubbish and grab your belongings;

  • Pay for parking during your stops when required;

  • Don’t smoke inside the vehicle;

  • Don’t let others drive the car you reserved;

  • Notify us about any interior or exterior damages you notice;

  • Inform us of any accidents and damage caused.

Before renting a vehicle, ensure that you:

  • Verify only your driving licence for your account;

  • Provide a valid and complete home address.

Repeated failures to follow these guidelines and the Bolt Drive Terms & Conditions may result in your access to Bolt Drive being suspended.

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