Bolt Super League, Netherlands - Special Terms and Conditions (September 2022)

These Special Terms and Conditions (‘STCs’) are intended to govern participation in the “Bolt Super League, Amsterdam” contest (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Program’ and further described below) promoted by Bolt for the participation of their Drivers (the ‘Participants’).

Participation in the Program is subject to these STCs and is supplemented by our Additional Terms (as referenced below in the definitions and linked accordingly). By participating in the Program, Participants accept that these terms and conditions are legally binding.

1. The Program

This Program is only available in Amsterdam and will run from 12:00 am on 19th September 2022 to 11:59 pm on 16th October 2022 and any additional Program Period allocated between September to October 2022, for selected Participants (the “Program Period”). During this Program Period, Drivers are encouraged to increase their number of orders completed on the Bolt Platform. Eligibility for the Program is outlined further in clause 3 of these STCs.

2. Definitions

Within the scope of these STCs, the following definitions will apply.

Additional Terms – refers to the General Terms for Drivers and the Privacy Notice (all available for the Netherlands here) in addition to the Marketing General Terms and Conditions for Drivers available here.

Bolt – refers to Bolt Netherlands (also referred to as we, ours or us) - Bolt Support Services NL is a registered company under the laws of the Netherlands, company number: 82441308, registered address: Overhoeksplein 1, 1031, KS, Amsterdam.

Bolt Platform – refers to the Bolt App and any additional software utilised by Bolt for the provision of rideshare services.

Driver and/or Drivers – refers to the person providing Transportation Services via the Bolt Platform who is a licensed vehicle driver in Amsterdam and holds a valid Driver Account.

Driver Account – means active Diver Accounts considered valid and in operation by Bolt.

Final Winner and/or Final Winners – means the Participants who have achieved a minimum of 20 finished rides per week for the Weekly Prizes during the Programme Period and a minimum of 100 finished rides per week for the Final Prize during the Programme Period. The winners will be randomly selected by Bolt according to this criteria.

Participant and/or Participants – means the eligible Driver selected by Bolt, referred to in these definitions and described in clause 3.

Program Period – means 12:00 am on 19th September 2022 to 11:59 pm on 16th October 2022 and any additional Program Period allocated between September to October 2022.

STCs – refers to the Special Terms and Conditions referred to in this document.

Transportation Services – means a Driver who provides Transportation Services to a Passenger through the Bolt App. All Transportation Services dispatched under these STCs must be made by a licensed driver, in compliance with all laws, tariffs and tariff rules relating to transportation by taxi, as applicable from time to time.

Weekly Winner and/or Weekly Winners – also collectively referred to as Weekly Winners means the Participants who, at the end of each week, have the highest number of finished rides for that week. This is calculated by Bolt in accordance with clause 6.

All capitalised terms, which are not defined otherwise, will have the meanings set out in the General Terms for Drivers in the Netherlands, which can be located here.

3. Participants in the Program

3.1. All Drivers who meet the eligibility requirements described below will automatically be included in the Program and shall be considered a “Participant” at the absolute discretion of Bolt:

3.1.1. Drivers who are already active on the Bolt Platform and new Drivers who have their Bolt Driver Account activated during the Program Period qualify as Participants;

3.1.2. All Participants must have a valid phone number and email address registered to their Bolt Driver Account;

3.1.3. Participants must comply with all relevant applicable laws in the Netherlands; and

3.1.4. Only natural persons with full legal capacity can enrol in the Program.

3.2. Bolt reserves the right to refuse participation in the Program to:

3.2.1. Any Driver who does not comply with these STCs or our Additional Terms.

3.2.2. Any Driver who has previously violated our Additional Terms.

3.2.3. Any Driver who engages in fraudulent activity or gives rise to suspicion of fraudulent activity on the Bolt Platform.

3.2.4. Any Driver whose conduct is contrary to the spirit or intent of the Program.

3.2.5. Any Driver that hasn’t been selected for the purpose of this Program.

3.3. Bolt reserves the right to withhold any prize to any Driver that engages in fraudulent activity, or gives rise to suspicion of fraudulent activity on the Bolt Platform. If Bolt discovers that a Driver has engaged in any fraudulent activity or related dealings, Bolt reserves the right to withhold any prizes for investigation and is entitled to report the Driver’s conduct to the police, transport regulator or any other relevant law enforcement bodies.

3.4. Participants may opt out of the Program by contacting Bolt at

3.5. Bolt reserves the right to terminate the Program at its absolute discretion at any time. If the Program is terminated throughout the Program Period, all Drivers accept that their accumulated finished rides at that date do not give them an automatic right to prizes, it will be up to Bolt to determine whether prizes are allocated on termination of the Program.

4. Prize enrollment

4.1. Participants who have at least 20 finished rides per week will have the opportunity to win prizes from Shell each week (“Weekly Prizes”). For the duration of the programme, there are a total 10 of weekly prizes from Shell to be won in the calendar weeks 38 - 41.

4.2. The enrollment for the final prize shall take place when the participants have achieved at least 100 finished rides for the entire duration of the programme.

4.3. The number of finished rides that Bolt believes to be fraudulent will not be counted. Any suspicion of fraud will result in immediate disqualification from the Program. Bolt will determine which activities are considered fraudulent in its sole discretion. Bolt's decision that an activity is fraudulent is final.

5. Winners

5.1. Subject to the additional provisions of clause 4, the Weekly Winners will be the 10 Participants who have achieved at least 20 completed rides for that week at the end of each week (the "Weekly Winners") and will be selected randomly by Bolt.

5.2. At the end of the Programme Period, participants who have at least 100 finished rides over the entire Programme Period will be enrolled for the final prize.The final winner will be selected randomly by Bolt (the "Final winner").

6. Prizes

6.1. During the Program Period, there will be both Weekly Winners and a Final Winner.

Weekly Winners

6.2. At Bolt’s absolute discretion, the top 10 Participants will be awarded prizes as Weekly Winners each week.

6.3. The selected Weekly Winners with at least 20 of finished rides in each particular week will receive a fuel credit from Shell up to €200. To actually receive the prizes, winners must download the Shell app/ Shell Recharge App and fuel/charge up their vehicles at a Shell station.

6.4. Cash payments or crediting of weekly prizes are excluded.

Final Winners

6.5. At the end of the programme period, the selected Driver who has achieved at least 100 finished rides during the programme period will be awarded a final prize as the final winner.

6.6. The winner will receive a right to use a leased Toyota Mirai vehicle from LeasePlan for a period of 12 months on LeasePlan's terms and conditions. To obtain the rights to the Toyota Mirai, the winner will enter into a lease agreement with LeasePlan, which specifically will state that the winner will be liable for all damages to the car. Bolt will pay the leasing fees for the vehicle to LeasePlan during the 12 months. During the leasing period, the driver is responsible for the costs of the vehicle (e.g. and not exclusively fines, parking fees, fuel costs, loading costs etc.).

6.7. The vehicle will have Bolt branding for the full leasing period. In case of removal of the branding, Bolt will no longer have the obligation to pay the leasing fees to LeasePlan. The driver is therefore obliged to cooperate and provide information if the branding has been removed or needs to be renewed.

6.8. The prize applies individually only to the final winner. The final winner is not entitled to give the car to others for use or to share the rights to use the car with a third party.

6.9. The winner has 10 business days to accept the prize. If the prize is rejected, the next participant who meets the criteria from 5.2 will be selected randomly.

6.10. Bolt has signed an agreement with WaterstofNet vzw to support the European CEF H2Benelux project and participate in the exchange of experience and vehicle data at hydrogen filling stations. Bolt will enter into an agreement with the winner to ensure their support for the project through the exchange of the required information by the winner.

7. Attribution of Prizes

7.1. The Weekly Winners will be notified by Bolt during the next following week, subject to the following conditions:

7.1.1. There will be 10 weekly prizes awarded to each Weekly Winner during the Program Period, distributed in accordance with clause 6.; and

7.1.2. The weekly prizes will only be awarded to Drivers who are qualified as Participants during the relevant Program Period and which meet the requirements of clause 4

7.2. The Final Winner will be contacted by email within the second or third week of October 2022 to be notified if the participant is the Final Winner. In the event that a Final Winner does not claim their prize within 10 days of contact, Bolt reserves the right to offer the prize to the next eligible Participant in the Program.

7.3. Should any of the Weekly Winners or Final Winner have an average online time of more than 10 hours per day, the Weekly Prize and/or Final Prize (as applicable) will not be awarded and the number of their finished rides will be converted to 0. For clarity, this means Drivers will need to provide Transport Services for a minimum of 10 online hours per week, however, for safety reasons this cannot exceed driving more than 10 online hours per day to remain an eligible Participant.

8. General Conditions

8.1. The Programme will be run by Bolt who will be responsible for determining the Weekly Prizes and the Final Prize, allocating the number of completed rides to participants and determining the Weekly Winners and the Final Winner. .

8.2. In addition to Bolt's other reserved rights referred to in these STCs, Bolt reserves the right not to make public the number of finished rides awarded to Weekly Winners and Final Winner.

8.3. Bolt does not accept any claim relating to the selection of Weekly Winners and Final Winner nor any liability, direct or indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way from the Program.

8.4. The interpretation of these STCs and Additional Terms for Drivers rests exclusively with Bolt, which reserves the right to change such terms from time to time.

9. Personal data and intellectual property rights

9.1. Bolt will process Participants' personal data for the purpose of this Program in accordance with the Privacy Notice for the Netherlands (available here).

9.2. Any intellectual property rights that Participants have access to during the Program belong to Bolt and Participants may not use, store, distribute, transmit or alter any such intellectual property rights without the consent of Bolt.

10. Changes

10.1. Bolt reserves the right to change these STCs and Additional Terms at any time, without, however, any changes being applied retroactively.

10.2. Bolt further reserves the right to change, limit or terminate the Program in its sole discretion.

11. Communications

11.1. Communications regarding these STCs and Additional Terms must be in writing and sent to Bolt at

12. Applicable legislation and resolution

12.1. In the event that any of the provisions of these STCs are found to be totally or partially ineffective, this decision will not affect the validity of the remaining parts of these STCs and Additional Terms.

12.2. These STCs will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with laws of Estonia and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdictional competence of the courts of Estonia.

12.3. Any dispute that may arise in relation to these STCs, Additional Terms and the Program, whether concerning their existence, validity, interpretation, performance, breach, termination or other matters, shall be resolved through negotiations. If any dispute resulting from these STCs, Additional Terms and the Program cannot be resolved through negotiation, the dispute must be resolved in Estonian based courts.

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