Vehicle requirements in Ghana

To be eligible for our platform, your vehicle must meet the following requirements:

  • Be manufactured in 2006 or later
  • Have air conditioning
  • Be a private vehicle or taxi
  • Have a Third Party/Comprehensive Insurance
  • Have a Roadworthiness Certificate.


  • Government or rebuilt vehicles are not eligible
  • Taxis are only accepted in Cape Coast, Koforidua and Ho.

Please also check the vehicle requirements for the categories in Ghana below:

Bolt Base

  • The vehicle should meet the requirements above. This is a standard category every driver is enrolled in.

Bolt Lite

  • Have a rating of 4.7 or above 

Bolt Comfort

  • Have a vehicle with an engine capacity of 1.5L and above
  • Pass a vehicle inspection
  • Maintain an average rating of 4.6 and above
  • Attend training.

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