Booking fees in Kenya

The booking fee is an additional fee added to every trip a passenger requests. The decision to add this fee is supported by Bolt’s commitment to both rider and driver safety on the platform. It will contribute towards improving the overall user experience whilst still keeping rates competitive and affordable.

The new addition has been communicated to all our valued riders and will be displayed in the rates.

How does this work?

The booking fee of 5% will automatically be included in the riders' fare for both cash and in-app payment (card) trips. 

  • Cash trips: The booking fee of 5% will be added to the total price. Since the total price is paid in cash by the passenger and collected by you, we will then deduct this 5% from your weekly earnings.
  • Card trips: The booking fee of 5% will be automatically added to the total price and collected by Bolt.

This will appear in your weekly statements as well. Collected booking fees will be calculated and deducted automatically from your driver’s balance.

Will it affect your earnings?

We have always been committed to keeping the commission charged to you as low as possible. Therefore, this booking fee does not affect your commission.

Other price components such as start, per minute or km rate that you receive for each trip, will not be affected by this booking fee and thus does not affect your earnings too.

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