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Kryvyi Rih, Ucrania!

Bolt in Kryvyi Rih

Kryvyi Rih is the largest city in Ukraine, which is not a center of oblast, located on the banks of the rivers Saksahan & Inhulets. According to legend, its name comes from the Cossack Ivan Rih, a real person who in the 60s of the XVII century was elected as Koshovyi of the Zaporizka Sich. Large mining hub of the country and popular center of industrial tourism. The ПГЗК quarry is impressive in its size (570 ha, up to 425 m in depth), where explosions are made once every 2 weeks to extract ore. And man-made Pink Lake impressive in its color of water that gets there from a depth of more than 1 km from nearby mines. The only city in Ukraine where metrotram is operational – light rail transport system, where tram cars have underground stops.

Servicios disponibles

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Consigue un viaje rápido y conveniente

30₴ base
6₴ km + 0.50₴ mín
45₴ mínimo
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Rides at the lowest price

25₴ base
5₴ km + 0.50₴ mín
35₴ mínimo
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Viajes espaciosos y convenientes

32₴ base
6.50₴ km + 0.50₴ mín
55₴ mínimo
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Cars with shield between rider and driver

30₴ base
6₴ km + 0.50₴ mín
45₴ mínimo

The tariff for 1 km after 12th is: 9₴/KM for BOLT & ISOLATED 10 ₴/KM for COMFORT
8₴/км for Go

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