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Kamianske, Ukraine!


Bolt in Kamianske

Kamianske is a city in the Dnipropetrovska oblast with its own population of over 220,000 people. It is an important part of the Dnipro agglomeration, located near the city of Dnipro (less than 20 km) on the banks of the Kamianskyi Reservoir below the Serednodniprovska HPP dam. In fact, its a satellite city of Dnipro, has close socio-economic ties with it. A city with a developed industrial sector (more than 48 enterprises; mainly metallurgical, machinery and chemical industries). There is also a scientific and technical base – Dniprovskyi State Technical University and a dozen of colleges. If you have some free time – use Bolt or walk to see the building of the St. Mykolai Catholic Church (built in 1895) or visit the Academic Music & Drama Theater n.a. Lesia Ukrainka.

Servicios disponibles

service Bolt icon



Get a fast, convenient ride

28₴ base
5.7₴ km + 0.5₴ min
45₴ mínimo
service Business icon



Rides in business class

40₴ base
8₴ km + 1₴ min
75₴ mínimo
service Go icon



Rides at the lowest price

23₴ base
5₴ km + 0.5₴ min
38₴ mínimo
service Comfort icon



Spacious and convenient rides

30₴ base
7₴ km + 0.5₴ min
55₴ mínimo
service Isolated icon



Cars with shield between rider and driver

28₴ base
5.7₴ km + 0.5₴ min
45₴ mínimo
service Delivery icon


Fast deliveries

35₴ base
5.7₴ km + 0.5₴ min
50₴ mínimo
service Pets icon


This category is pet-friendly, conditions apply

35₴ base
5.7₴ km + 0.5₴ min
50₴ mínimo

La tarifa de 1 km después del 12vo es: 8.5₴ /KM para Bolt, Aislados, Mascotas y Entrega
11₴/KM para Negocio
10₴/ KM para Comfort
7.5₴/KM para Go

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