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Dublin, Iirimaa!


Bolt in Dublin

Dublin’s beautiful city is renowned for its warm and friendly people. We’re happy to help you experience Dublin’s beauty in a fast and convenient way.

Available services in Dublin

Bolt pakub kiiret ja mugavat lennujaamatransporti.



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Fast, convenient, high-quality rides

€5.80 start
€1.14 km + €0.40 min


service Shield icon

Stay safe with a protective sheet between you and the driver.

€5.80 start
€1.14 km + €0.40 min


service Van icon

6-kohaline gruppidele sobiv auto

€5.80 start
€1.14 km + €0.40 min


service XL icon

A 6-seater, perfect for larger groups or extra luggage

€5.80 start
€1.14 km + €0.40 min


service Assist icon

Sobilik klientidele, kes kasutavad kokkupandavaid ratastoole või vajavad muud abi. Kõik autod on varustatud ka turvatoolidega.

€5.80 start
€1.14 km + €0.40 min

The price after the first passenger adds €1 on top of the metered fare for each additional adult passenger or for every 2 children under age 12 after the first child. The fares during public holidays might be higher than Bolt’s estimated fares depending on the NTA regulations at the time. For additional information please see:

Võta meiega ühendust

Võta meiega ühendust

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17 Percy Place, Dublin 4, D04 V250
Oleme avatud
10am to 4pm Monday - Friday
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