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Lutsk, Ukraina!

Bolt in Lutsk

Lutsk is the administrative center and the largest city in Volynska oblast, historical & cultural core of Volyn. Undoubtedly, the main tourist attraction is Liubart Castle (or Upper Castle). This fortification on the river Styr was founded in 1340 by duke Liubart-Dmytro Hedyminovych, the last ruler of Halytsko-Volynska state. The Okolnyi (Lower) Castle with Chartoryiska tower also preserved here. However, these are not the only architectural attractions of the city! Have a look at the Holovan House (a.k.a. «Lutskyi House with Chimeras») – a unique monument of our time, decorated with many bas-reliefs & sculptures. Lutheran Kirche is a neo-Gothic church built in 1907, which definitely deserves attention. Also take a walk along the central Lesya Ukrainka str., visit Book Museum and the Kosach House, heading for building «А» of Volyn National University n.a. Lesya Ukrainka, located on Volia avenue.


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Telli auto kiirelt ja mugavalt

28₴ start
6.50₴ km + 0.40₴ min
38₴ miinimum
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Rides at the lowest price

23₴ start
5.50₴ km + 0.40₴ min
36₴ miinimum
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Mugavad ja ruumikad sõidud

31₴ start
7.50₴ km + 0.40₴ min
45₴ miinimum
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Cars with shield between rider and driver

28₴ start
6.50₴ km + 0.40₴ min
38₴ miinimum
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Fast deliveries

43₴ start
6.5₴ km + 0.4₴ min
45₴ miinimum
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Sinu lemmikloom on oodatud sõidule! Kehtivad tingimused

43₴ start
6.5₴ km + 0.4₴ min
45₴ miinimum

The tariff for 1km after 6th is:
12₴/KM for COMFORT

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