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Bolt in Kremenchuk

Kremenchuk is the administrative center of Kremenchutskyi raion, the 2nd largest city in Poltavska oblast. The city is located within the Dnipro lowlands and middle course of Dnipro river (Avtozavodskyi district of the city is on the left bank, Kriukivskyi – on the right). It is a large industrial center of Poltavshchyna region, comprising 86 industrial enterprises. Widely known for its Kriukivskyi bridge – constructed in 1872 and rebuilt in 1949, this metal bridge has length of 1.7 km and it is simultaneously railway, road & pedestrian bridge, which has a lifting span for passage of vessels under it at the same time. Popular places to visit are quay promenade, gong in the Peace Park, monument to a Pike and the island of enamoured in the city park. There is a lot of interesting architecture here, such as the Palace of Culture named after Ivan Kotlov in Ukrainian Art Nouveau style with the use of Ukrainian folk architecture elements or the blue House of confectioner Sylaiev in the style of modernized classics.

Elérhető szolgáltatások

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Gyors, kényelmes utazás

18₴ alapdíj
5.70₴ km + 0.50₴ perc
30₴ minimum
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Tágas és kényelmes utak

25₴ alapdíj
7₴ km + 0.50₴ perc
50₴ minimum
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Cars with shield between rider and driver

18₴ alapdíj
5.70₴ km + 0.50₴ perc
30₴ minimum
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Fast deliveries

35₴ alapdíj
5.7₴ km + 0.5₴ perc
30₴ minimum
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This category is pet-friendly, conditions apply

35₴ alapdíj
5.7₴ km + 0.5₴ perc
30₴ minimum

The tariff for 1 km after 10th is:
11₴/KM for COMFORT

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