How your rating is calculated

After each trip, drivers rate you from 1 to 5 stars. Based on your previous 365-day rating, we calculate your average rating, which you'll see in the app.

Why is my rider rating important?

Drivers see rider ratings before accepting orders, so they may choose to decline your request if you have a low rider rating. Maintaining a high rating maximises the chances a driver will accept your request.

Rider behaviour tips

Here are some top tips on how to maintain a high rider rating score:

Be respectful and considerate

We want riders and drivers to feel safe and respected on the Bolt platform. Please be mindful of your language while riding in someone else’s vehicle, and always treat your driver as you'd want to be treated.

Leave the car as you found it

Always take your rubbish and personal belongings with you when you exit the vehicle. Drivers should not be responsible for cleaning up after your mess.

Close doors quietly

When entering or exiting a vehicle, please avoid slamming doors unnecessarily hard. Treat the vehicle as you’d want others to treat your own.

Wear your seatbelt

Wearing a seat belt is the law. Failure to do so is not only a criminal offence, but puts you and your driver at risk of serious injury.

Avoid cancelling rides (if possible)

In some situations, we appreciate you may need to cancel a ride. But if you do this continuously or cancel just before a driver arrives, you may receive a low rating.