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Norrköping, Svezia!


Bolt in Norrköping

In the old and beautiful industrial city of Norrköping, you will find Motalaström rippling throughout the city. If you go a bit outside the city center, you will find other interesting sightings such as the Kolmården Zoo, Löfstad Castle, and Östgötaskärgården. Take the city's yellow trams, or book a Bolt, ready for you in just a few minutes at the click of a button.

Available services in Norrköping

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Fast, convenient, high-quality rides

41 kr (Weekday) / 49 kr (Weekend) base
11 kr (Weekday) / 13 kr (Weekend) km + 6.5 kr (Weekday) / 7.8 kr (Weekend) min
119 kr minimo
+5 kr dopo 5 km


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Il modo più conveniente di muoversi

33 kr base
9 kr km + 5.05 kr min
119 kr minimo


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On-demand electric scooters

Fares are estimates only. Prices may vary based on traffic conditions, unforseeable delays, discounts and other factors.

Weekday: Monday 05.00 to Friday 15:00
Weekend: Friday 15:00 to Monday 05:00



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