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Zhytomyr, Украина!


Bolt in Zhytomyr

The city of Zhytomyr – center of oblast, located on the river Teteriv, belongs to the capital’s economic region. It is divided into two districts – Bohunskyi and Korolovskyi. The first fixed the name of the Cossack chieftain Ivan Bohun and the historical territory of Bohuniia. The other is named after S.P.Korolov – a Ukrainian and Soviet constructor and scientist who was born here. He is considered as the founder of practical cosmonautics of the USSR: under his leadership, the R-7 rocket was built (1st artificial satellite in human history was launched into orbit and 1st manned flight by Yuri Gagarin was executed on it); spaceship «Voskhod» was developed (O.Leonov made 1st EVA into outer space from it); interplanetary stations «Luna», «Venera», «Mars» and «Zond» were designed; the foundations of the «Soyuz» project have been laid. Therefore, it is worth visiting the National Museum of Cosmonautics and see for yourself its unique exhibition. Also, notice the water tower built in 1898, look around in the Zhytomyrskyi Museum of Nature, take a walk across Zamkova Hora park or stretch your muscles in the climbing wall complex «Hora».

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