Zmniejszamy nasz ślad ekologiczny

A long-term commitment to reduce our ecological impact by offsetting CO2, adding electric vehicles to our cities and using renewable energy sources.

Our projects

Together with SeedballsKenya, we’ve planted over 11 million tree seeds to reforest degraded areas in Kenya. As they grow into trees, they’ll help us neutralise the mobility footprint of all your Bolt rides and Bolt Food deliveries.

Green Plan Bolt

Tracking our impact
Ensuring we have a clear understanding of our environmental impact, helping us decide how to neutralise it effectively.
Reducing our carbon footprint
Bringing more electric vehicles and scooters to our platform to offer greener ways to move in cities. And using the highest Environmental standards in our offices (ISO14001).
Neutralising our emissions
Investing in reforestation, soil conservation, and other local projects to neutralise your carbon footprint while positively impacting our communities.
See Bolt’s Environmental Policy for more details.

What does this mean?

We’re tracking our emissions and actively investing in reforestation and conservation projects across the globe in order to neutralise the impact of our services.

You don’t have to do anything differently, simply use Bolt and get a little peace of mind that we’re doing what we can to minimise the impact on our planet.

Nasi partnerzy

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Gotowi, aby coś zmienić?

By choosing Bolt you’re helping to shape the future of sustainable mobility.

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