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Kropyvnytskyi, Ucrânia!

Bolt in Kropyvnytskyi

Kropyvnytskyi is a transport hub and an industrial center of the Kirovohradska oblast. As many as 3 rivers flow through the city: two others joins to the main Inhulets – Suhokliia & Bianka. Kropyvnytskyi’s industrial complex has more than 70 plants (for example, agricultural equipment and machinery factory “Elvorti” was built back in 1874). Where to go, what to see? Stroll along the main Dvortsova str., take a walk through the arboretum and be sure to visit the unique XVIII century fortification – Yelysaveta’s Fortress, which had the shape of a regular hexagon and became the basis for the modern coat of arms of the city. Interestingly, this is the 2nd city in Ukraine where an electric tram appeared (it happened in the summer of 1897). The tram is cease to exist (it was destroyed during WWII), but there’s a monument to it instead.

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