Take your team’s work travel up a gear.

Get your team to any location, from one location with the Bolt Business dashboard. And make work travel 
easier before you’ve even set off.

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Cut your travel costs

Make it easier for your team’s work travel to come in on budget by setting spending limits and controls.

Get started for free

No sign-up or subscription fees. Get a Bolt Business account for free today.

Competitive prices

Bolt rides are always economically priced so you can save money no matter where business takes you.

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Win back the time lost to expense reports

Your employees won’t have to spend any more time manually filling out expense reports as all ride receipts are automated and tracked.

Illustration of a team using the application

Automated expenses

Admins receive automated ride reports for all work rides taken by your team — saving employees hours of reporting time.

Ride reports

Access full ride reports that can be used for expenses so your team can spend time on more valuable tasks.

Massive global coverage

Our network of 3 million Bolt drivers means your team will always have a car and driver.

Illustration of a hand holding a mobile phone with Bolt Business on the screen

Huge network of drivers

Bolt has a network of 3 million drivers across 45 countries, meaning your team can get a ride in minutes.

Ride by e-scooter or e-bike

Take to two wheels for shorter commutes with our certified CarbonNeutral® e-scooters and e-bikes.*

*Car, e-scooter and e-bike rentals are available in select territories.

Simple setup

Create your Team Account, add your team with our bulk upload tool, and start booking work rides today.

Add your team

Add team members one by one, or use our simple and fast bulk upload tool. Then split your employees into groups and set travel rules.

Include expense codes

Connect a list of expense codes for employees to choose when booking a ride. The selected expense code will be attached to the trip and visible in your ride reports.

Illustration of a bearded man setting up the application

Automate your expense reports with a Bolt Work Profile

Win back the time you lose filling out work ride expense reports with a Bolt Work Profile — a free feature in the Bolt app.

Illustration of a bank card being used to pay

Automated ride receipts

Get a ride with your Work Profile and a pre-filled ride receipt will be sent to an email of your choice as soon as you arrive.

Charge a work payment card

Add a company card to your Work Profile to charge trips to your company.

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