We are Bolt

We are Bolt

We’re passionate about solving problems. We take on challenges others deem impossible.




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What makes us — us

Act like an owner

We never sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. We think big and optimise for what’s best for the whole company, not only one team. Whenever we see problems outside our direct area of responsibility, we speak up and help.

Act like an owner

Find your community

We bring our teams together through annual events for both local and global teams.

Thrive at Bolt

We value high inner drive. Although we can’t impact someone’s motivation, we believe we can inspire our high-performing teams to deliver their best.

*Some perks may differ depending on your location and role.

A Bolt employee testing Bolt Drive
Huge number of Bolt employees from summer summit 2022
Bolt employees with scooters
Bolt employees side-by-side

Have a share in our success

We know our fast growth is the result of our people’s work. That's why you receive stock options as a Bolt employee and get a share in the company's success. As Bolt does well, so do you.

Bolt employee cheering
Bolt employees finish line
Bolt employee playing a drum
Bolt employee climbing

Take care of your health

We have a selection of benefits that let you enjoy an active lifestyle, and boost your mental well-being.

Bolt employees in front of a ferryboat
Bolt employee with Bolt bike
Bolt employees from summer summit 2022
Bolt employees taking a selfie

Surround yourself with the brightest minds

At Bolt, you get to work with the smartest people in the game every day. Challenge your personal growth and build impactful solutions with top global talent.

Join forces with the best

We've seen that the most impactful solutions are born when talent comes together. That’s why we encourage our teams to work side-by-side on site.

Be productive at the office
Be productive at the office

Our offices have everything you need for a good work day: designated individual workstations, team spaces, and lounge areas.

Bring your pet with you
Bring your pet with you

Bringing your furry friends to work can be a mood booster, but it may not be possible at all office locations yet. We’re working towards creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all, including pets.

Meet our people

Aastha Yadav, Head of Product Strategy

Although some days might be challenging, it’s when you step back and realise what you’ve accomplished — the knowledge you’ve shared, the relationships you’ve formed, what you’ve learned, and the value you’ve added — that everything clicks.

Aastha Yadav
Head of Product Strategy
Sam Robson, Head of Safety and Sustainability

Working in such a young and rapidly growing business means that Bolt employees often have the opportunity to create processes from scratch. We don't have to abide by the status quo, and that has contributed significantly to my professional development in a short period of time.

Sam Robson
Head of Safety and Sustainability
Linda Ndungu, Country Manager

There are no average days in Bolt. However, if there was a common thread in every day, that would be the passion and drive everyone at Bolt has to make a difference, see cities become greener, and put their best foot forward to make their markets work.

Linda Ndungu
Country Manager

Join us to make cities for people, not cars