Bolt στην Ζεστοκόβα

Bolt στην Ζεστοκόβα

No matter where you are in the city, count on Bolt for rides in minutes. Bolt will find you a great ride at the tap of a button. To report a badly parked e-bike, use our web form or leave a message at the voicemail +48223078367.

Available services in Czestochowa

Find out more about the services we currently offer across the city.
Bolt Rides

Bolt Rides

Request in seconds, ride in minutes.

Bolt is the safe, reliable ride-hailing service available at the tap of a button. Order a ride and get picked up by a top-rated driver in more than 500 cities worldwide.

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Available services in Częstochowa

Get around fast and affordably with Bolt.
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Stay safe with a protective sheet between you and the driver.
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Standard cars, everyday rides
Κόστος ακύρωσης (ισχύει για τον πελάτη σε περίπτωση που το ταξίδι ακυρωθεί 2 λεπτά μετά την παραγγελία)
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On-Demand ηλεκτρικά σκούτερ
Κερδίστε χρήματα με τη Bolt

Κερδίστε χρήματα με τη Bolt

Join our community of 3.5M+ Bolt partners around the world.

Set your own schedule and make money on your terms by driving and delivering.
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