Get to know the Bolt Work Profile: Your route to automated work ride expense reports

22 Mar 2022

Automate your work ride expenses with the Bolt Work Profile

Manually filling out expense reports for work rides has no place in the modern workplace.

Think about how much time you lose completing those expense reports. Now picture how much more work you could get done if you didn’t have to worry about them. That’s where the Bolt Work Profile comes in.

What is a Bolt Work Profile?

Expense your work rides with ease using the Bolt Work Profile — a free feature in the Bolt app. You can get a ride to the office, a client meeting or the airport across 45 countries and 400+ cities and not have to think about expense reporting.

Connect your company’s expensing software to your Work Profile and all expense reporting for your work rides will be fully automated. A digital ride receipt — pre-filled with up-to-date company details — will be uploaded straight to your company’s expensing software every time you travel for work with Bolt. That means no paperwork, no lost receipts, and no wasted time on expenses.

If your company is not using expense management software, the Work Profile can still make your life easier. An accounting receipt with your company’s info will be sent to an email address of your choice after every work ride and you’ll also find all the receipts gathered together in a monthly ride report. 

When your business trip comes to an end, you can switch back to your Personal account in a tap. It’s the simplest way to separate the trips you make for work and pleasure.

How to set up a Bolt Work Profile in the Bolt app

Don’t lose another minute to filling out expense reports

By connecting your Work Profile with an expense provider, expense reporting will be automated for all work rides. So each time you travel for work with Bolt, the receipt will be automatically uploaded to your chosen expense software.

This will make your working life even easier as your expenses will be in the right hands as soon as you finish the journey. Plus, you’ll still get visibility of your Bolt Business work rides in a summary sent to you each month.

Letting your Work Profile take care of reporting your Bolt work rides:

  • Saves you time. Employees spend less time filling out expense reports.
  • Increases accuracy. Receipts are pre-filled with up-to-date company information.
  • Gives the green credentials of your business a boost. A digital expense process uses far less paper and all Bolt rides in Europe are carbon-neutral.

Many industry-leading expense management systems can be paired with your Work Profile:

  • SAP® Concur®
  • Rydoo
  • Expensify

Ready to make your expense reporting more efficient?

Taking a couple of minutes now to download the Bolt app and create your Work Profile will save you countless hours further down the line. All thanks to fully automated expense reporting.

Once you’ve downloaded the Bolt app, set up your Work Profile by tapping Work rides in the menu. Remember to switch the payment method to your Work Profile before each work ride.

How to connect your company’s expense management software with your Work Profile

Anyone with a Bolt app and a Work Profile can connect it with their company’s expense management software in just a few taps. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Bolt app and go to Work trips;
  2. Tap Add expense provider;
  3. Select your expense provider and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you’re looking to centralise work rides and expenses for a bigger team then you could be better suited to a Team Account — compare the Work Profile and Team Account

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