Introducing Bolt Link — your new way to generate extra income driving

22 Feb 2023

Flexible earning hours are most important! 

This is the most common answer we get when asking Bolt drivers what they like about driving with Bolt. 

And following this feedback, we’re adding a new element of flexibility to your experience as a driver: Bolt Link.

What is Bolt Link? 

Bolt Link lets existing Bolt drivers register other licensed private hire drivers to access the Bolt platform in association with their account.

Bolt Link drivers can be registered to your vehicle (or their own) and then access the Bolt platform and fulfil journeys on your account. 

The feature allows you to earn additional income from your vehicle(s) when you aren’t using it.

How do payments work?

Weekly payouts are made to the primary Bolt driver, who pays associated Bolt Link driver(s) directly.

It’s up to the existing Bolt driver to agree on payment terms with the Bolt Link driver. It’s the existing Bolt driver’s responsibility to pay Bolt Link drivers associated with their account and to resolve any disputes.

Activating Bolt Link drivers on your account is simple. They’ll need to visit one of our hubs so we can verify their documents as qualified drivers. 

For more information on this new feature and how to register Bolt Link drivers to your account, please contact

A move away from traditional car ownership

According to an RAC Foundation study, the average car in the UK spends 96% of the time parked. 

It may be hard to believe, but the maths add up. A personal car sits parked close to home most of the time. And when your car isn’t at home, it’s probably at your workplace or a public car park. So it’s not surprising to see why cities are built to accommodate private cars.

This is another reason Bolt Link is an important step in maximising the use of cars already in use. Pivoting from traditional car ownership models to new services and products is a catalyst for positive change in making our cities more people-centric.

Another example of Bolt services which could bring positive change is car clubs, such as Bolt Drive (currently available in Estonia and Latvia). Car clubs have the potential to change how people move around cities. See our recent study with travel consultancy firm Steer to learn how UK cities would benefit from more car club services.

Sign up to Bolt Link for extra earnings

We’re excited to roll out Bolt Link and look forward to gathering initial feedback from you and other members of the Bolt community!

Contact for more information.

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