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Bolt in Amsterdam

Also called ‘Mokum’ locally, the capital city of the Netherlands. Surrounded by the typical Amsterdam canal houses. Use Bolt to get around at any time. It doesn’t matter if it’s between meetings or after a night out at ‘Leidse’, ‘NDSM’ or ‘de Pijp’.

Available services in Amsterdam

Get a fast and affordable airport transfer with Bolt.


service Economy icon

The most affordable way to move

2.15€ base
1.08€ km + 0.28€ min
7.50€ minimum


service Bolt icon

Fast, convenient, high-quality rides

2.50€ base
1.30€ km + 0.33€ min
8€ minimum


service Comfort icon

Spacious and convenient rides

2.91€ base
1.63€ km + 0.34€ min
9€ minimum


service Premium icon

High-quality cars to arrive in style

3.50€ base
2.04€ km + 0.44€ min
11€ minimum


service XL icon

A 6-seater, perfect for larger groups or extra luggage

6.50€ base
2.34€ km + 0.36€ min
11€ minimum


service Electric icon

Fully electric vehicles

2.50€ base
1.30€ km + 0.33€ min
8€ minimum

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