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Lviv, Ukraine!

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Bolt in Lviv

Lviv - also known as a Lion city, cultural and tourist center of Western Ukraine. A city with remarkable atmosphere and unique architectural heritage, worthy of everyone's attention.

Available services

service Bolt icon



Get a fast, convenient ride

21₴ base
5₴ km + 1.20₴ min
35₴ minimum
service Comfort icon



Spacious and convenient rides

28₴ base
5.30₴ km + 1.35₴ min
50₴ minimum
service Kids icon



Cars equipped with a baby seat

21₴ base
5₴ km + 1,2₴ min
35₴ minimum
service Delivery icon


Fast deliveries

41₴ base
5₴ km + 1,2₴ min
41₴ minimum
service Pets icon


This category is pet-friendly, conditions apply

41₴ base
5₴ km + 1,2₴ min
41₴ minimum

The tariff for 1 km after 10th is:
9₴/KM for BOLT
11₴/KM for COMFORT
9₴/km for Delivery and Pets

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