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Founded in 1652, Sumy – a city of a regional significance, located in the historical-geographical Slobozhanshchyna region, lying on the banks of the river Psel. No tourist leaves it without a photo of «Sumka» sculptural composition with a fountain, which is an original creation of a popular urban legend. Take a walk near the gazebo, visit Sumskyi local history museum in the stunning building of the former Zemstvó administration and Spaso-Preobrazhenskyi Cathedral (an interesting combination of the renaissance, baroque & classicism architectural styles). And do not forget about strange 8 meters high pyramid in the Petropavlivskyi Cemetery, the origin of which is still debated.

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Get a fast, convenient ride

20₴ base
6.5₴ km + 0.30₴ min
38₴ minimum
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Spacious and convenient rides

25₴ base
7₴ km + 0.30₴ min
45₴ minimum
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Cars with shield between rider and driver

20₴ base
6.5₴ km + 0.30₴ min
38₴ minimum

The tariff for 1km after 6th is:
9.5₴/KM for COMFORT

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