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Zaporizhia, Ukraine!

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Bolt in Zaporizhia

Zaporizhia – formerly the birthplace of Cossack freemasonry (you can experience that historical period in the “Khortytsia” National Museum). Today it’s an industrial center with leading plants (such iconic for modern history of Ukraine cars as “Zaporozhets and “Tavria” was produced on “ZAZ” assembly lines) and facilities (“Dniprо́HES” – 1st hydroelectric plant, construction of which started back in 1927).

Available services

service Bolt icon



Get a fast, convenient ride

20₴ base
5.50₴ km + 0.50₴ min
40₴ minimum
service Comfort icon



Spacious and convenient rides

30₴ base
6.50₴ km + 0.50₴ min
50₴ minimum
service Isolated icon



Cars with shield between rider and driver

20₴ base
5.50₴ km + 0.50₴ min
40₴ minimum

The tariff for 1 km after 15th is:
6.50 ₴/KM for BOLT & ISOLATED
8 ₴/KM for COMFORT

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