Hopp UK Modern Slavery Notice

Hopp Operations UK Modern Slavery Notice

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the "Act") is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It is designed to tackle slavery in the UK and consolidates previous offences relating to human trafficking and slavery. You can click here to learn more about the Act.

At Hopp, we believe we have a responsibility to ensure that our business is conducted in an ethical way and we actively engage to address social issues and are committed to running our company responsibly. We strive to maintain high ethical principles and to respect human rights. It also means doing our best to encourage high standards in our supply chain and business. We realise that modern slavery is serious issue, and take seriously our responsibility to comply with the Act and to assist in preventing and combating slavery where possible.

Taxify OÜ is the ultimate parent company of the entities that make up Hopp Operations Limited and is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. Hopp Operations Limited (Company Registration Number: 11063356) is headquartered at 1 Mark Square, London EC2A 4EG. In this document we describe our business, our platform users and how we operate. We explain our current policies and practices.

Hopp is a mobile ride hailing application, that allows users to summon a car to their location and for them to be driven to their desired destination. Across the Taxify group, we have 700 employees, with the majority working at our global headquarters in Estonia. We work with almost 500,000 drivers all over the world. Our headquarters are in Estonia but we have regional offices across the world. Our customers are individuals and companies ranging from international to small business who use the Hopp app to undertake a journey. We provide a mobile application for people to hail licensed private cars and licensed taxis.

We do not retain our employees or drivers’ original identity papers, or work with businesses that do. We may retain a copy of identify papers or similar to comply with local regulation but we will never make collateral use of use documents. We only work with people who choose to work freely. We respect the right to equal opportunity, freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Hopp operates a global and confidential helpdesk which allows anyone (including drivers, contractors and suppliers) to report any wrongdoing or behaviour they feel goes against our standards. It’s available on the phone and online.

We aim to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our business right at the start of our recruitment processes.

We engage all of our permanent employees and self-employed drivers using our own internal teams. We give our people plenty of support, education and training. But if they don’t behave ethically at work we would consider taking disciplinary action against them, which ultimately could lead to dismissal in the case of employees or termination of the contractual relationship with self-employed drivers. .

In preparing to launch in the UK, we have decided to look deeper into our business operations, including recruitment, to identify any parts at risk of slavery and human trafficking. As we keep learning more, we’ll review and refine the steps we take to identify potential incidents of slavery or human trafficking.

Rich Pleeth
Managing Director
Hopp Operations Limited
5 November 2018