Becoming a driver in the UK

Bolt drivers must meet certain requirements to become a driver. Below you can find an overview of how to get started.

Register your profile

  • Go to the driver sign-up page to register
  • Upload all required documents that are specified in our email response
  • If you are instructed to upload a profile picture, please ensure it meets the following requirements:
    • Your face is centred in the frame (a smile goes a long way!)
    • There is only you in the picture
    • The image is not blurry
    • You are not wearing wear a hat or sunglasses (eyeglasses and religious garments are accepted)
    • The photo is taken in good lighting (try facing a light source, like a lamp or window)
    • The image is taken against a solid background
    • The photo is taken with the camera at eye level
    • The picture is not a photo of a photo

Once you have completed your registration and your documents have been verified you will receive an email containing the next steps to get activated.

Get activated

  • Remote activations
    • We’ll send you a booking link so you can choose a suitable time for a call
    • Choose a suitable time slot in the scheduling portal and attend the call via the invite we send to your email address
  • Activations at a hub
    • We’ll send you a booking link so you can choose a suitable time to attend a local hub
    • If you are invited to complete the onboarding at your local hub, please bring any required documents or information with you as specified in our email.

Get verified and start driving

  • The first time you go online you will be prompted to verify yourself with a picture of your driving licence and a selfie.
  • Follow the instructions in the app to get verified and start driving.

Note: If you attend the hub for activation a member of our team will assist you with verification.

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