Breaking bias from behind the wheel

22 Mar 2023

The unwritten assumption in the ride-hailing industry has been that a man controls the wheel. For over a century now we’ve been breaking this bias: women continue to narrow the gender equality gap, by taking on more roles traditionally associated with men. Yet, in spite of immense progress, women drivers and bike operators still attract glances of bemusement.

We’ve come a long way!

2014 saw rapid growth in the ride-hailing industry in terms of being a source of income. Armed with smartphones and affordable internet, people around the world embraced the term ‘Be your own boss’ – and business boomed.

Three years later, Bolt entered the Kenyan market and now there are more female drivers in Nairobi than ever before! Public transport services are seen by women as being safer and more comfortable; no surprise then that they’re thriving in this space.

Spearheading change with ‘women-in-supply’

Bolt’s ‘women-in-supply’ ride-type sends out a powerful message; this is a service for women, by women, to empower women. We want you to feel comfortable enough to travel freely, while at the same time continuing to break the cycle that has prevented your progress in this industry.

Now, female drivers on the platform are able to advance and thrive, presented with earning opportunities equal to those of their male counterparts.

Constant technological development means we can solve the key issue of safer transportation for women. Naturally, we still have a long way to go but the important thing is that we are becoming increasingly intentional about it.

Smart decision generates a warm response

Betty Wanjiku has been riding through the streets of Nairobi for a couple of years. Encouraged by friends, she decided to leave her career in finance and, like them, signed up as a Bolt driver.

“I’d honestly grown tired of employment; I wanted to be my own boss and work on my own terms. My friends had become good breadwinners through Bolt and I asked myself what’s stopping me. After all, I enjoy driving and I have a car – that’s all I need!” she explained, adding, “It’s the best decision I’ve ever made; I’m always on the move and appreciate the warm reception I get from my riders, as they enjoy being driven by a woman.”

Empowered self-employment

If you’d like to be a Bolt driver like Betty (and the thousands of other women who are breaking the gender bias!), simply fill in an application. Sign up today and start earning on your terms!

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