How to make extra money in Kenya

15 Sept 2022

how to make extra money

Get paid weekly, be your own boss, and choose when you earn. 

Like what you see? 

Keep reading to discover how you can make extra money in Kenya by becoming a Bolt driver or Bolt Food courier. 

How to make extra money in Kenya as a Bolt Food courier

As a Bolt Food courier, making extra money in Kenya is simple! 

You can earn money by delivering food from our partner restaurants. 

When people are busy the last thing they want to do is spend time at restaurants waiting for meals. They instead turn to food delivery apps.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to make money by signing up to be a courier.

You can earn as much as you want — there’s no limit to how many orders you can deliver in a day. Your time, your hustle! 

And you can earn bonuses when you deliver during peak times, weekends, late hours, or bad weather days. Delivering at peak hours means you are more likely to get a steady stream of deliveries. 

As a Bolt courier, you get to be your own boss and decide when and how much you earn. There aren’t any minimum hours or monthly fees you need to worry about.

Make money fast as a Bolt food courier!

You can make money fast — Bolt Food offers weekly payouts and a fast sign-up process!

Every week, you’ll receive last week’s earnings to an account of your choice.

And to sign up, you’ll just need a valid photo ID, a smartphone, and a vehicle to deliver with. Delivery jobs are however mostly associated with motorcycle or bicycle riders due to their nimbleness in traffic and savings in fuel cost. Once you meet the requirements sign up today with Bolt! Learn more from your local sign-up page.

Make extra money with tips

Good news — you can now earn even more with Bolt Food! Customers can now tip couriers in the Bolt Food app. So it literally pays to be nice (and fast)! 

Texting the customer if you have encountered traffic or delay at the restaurant.Being friendly and welcoming when dropping off food. Being patient with the customer if there are any problems with drop off and also double checking pick up before making delivery are among ways to increase your chances of getting a tip.

You’ll see your received tips in the Performance screen of the Bolt Food courier app.

You can see your total tips received today, this week, or this month by selecting the time frame in the app.

Keep in mind that the amount doesn’t change automatically in real-time. We regularly update your tip amounts. You get to keep 100% of your tips!

Sign up here if you are ready to start making extra money by becoming a Bolt Food courier.

How to make extra money in Kenya as a Bolt driver

Making extra money as a Bolt driver is also fast and easy. You help people reach their destination faster and also help the environment by reducing environmental impact by reducing need for personal cars.

Ride-hailing is a 24/7 business, so you can decide your schedule — no minimum hours, no monthly fees, and no boss. Plus, you can make extra money if you’re active during peak hours and weekend nights.

There are also bonuses for the most active drivers as well as beginners. Bonus requirements may involve completing a minimum number of rides within a given period and maintaining a set acceptance rate or rating to qualify. This will get you recognized and well rewarded. Read more about Bolt bonuses.

Make money fast as a Bolt driver!

You’ll also be able to make money fast as a Bolt driver — we offer weekly payouts and a fast sign-up process!

Like Bolt Food couriers, every week, you receive last week’s earnings to an account of your choice.

Sign up today!and start your journey with Bolt.The sign-up process is also quick and once you meet the requirements you’ll be good to go. For starters, you’ll need an ID, a driver’s license, a smartphone, and a car. Learn more from your local signup page

Make extra money as a driver or courier

If you’re ready to start making extra money, sign up now as a Bolt Food courier, a Bolt driver, or maybe both!

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