2021 Bolt Food Restaurant Award Winners

9 Mar 2022

Drum roll, please… It’s time to announce the winners of the Bolt Food Restaurant Awards!

This year, we’re crowning winners across 10 different categories to celebrate the diversity and variety of the Bolt Food ecosystem. We’ve crunched the numbers, analysed the data and collected local feedback to determine the winners.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the award categories and see who scooped the top prizes in 2021.

Loved By Locals

To start our awards ceremony in style, we have the prestigious Loved By Locals award. This celebrates the highest-rated restaurant on the Bolt Food platform, as decided by Bolt eaters.


Java House – Thousands of orders every week, all year round lets you know that this restaurant is a 254 favourite.

“No words, for Java just pure ❤️.”

Jakoni Prestige – Hidden Gem Winner

Hidden Gem 

We’ve all got that restaurant that only we know about and that we like to keep to ourselves. Maybe it’s off the beaten track, outside of the city centre or not known by tourists. Now’s the time to appreciate these lesser-known eating spots. 


Jakoni – That chicken is Kenya’s best-kept secret, 100%!

“What a gem! Jakoni is right outside town but every dish is well thought out and absolutely divine! 😋”

Rising Star

Now it’s time to shine a light on Bolt Food’s newcomers. We awarded the Rising Star to restaurants that launched in 2021 and saw huge growth and popularity in a short amount of time. These winners are worth keeping an eye on!


Frangos Bar & Churrasqueira – We’re keeping an eye on you and your entire delicious menu, Frangos…

“Frangos came in like a wrecking ball and soon I was ordering from it like, every other day? I think so. 😬”

Never Gonna Give You Up

If you find yourself ordering from the same Bolt Food restaurant again and again, then this is the award for you. After all, if something tastes so good, why should we try anything else? Let’s celebrate those repeat orders!


KFC – If tastebuds could talk, they’d be talking about KFC’s 11 herbs and spices all day long

“If ordering from KFC means experiencing the same delicious meal, every day, over and over again. Sign me up!”

Treat Yourself 

Whether it’s celebrating a birthday or some good news, special occasions call for a new level of fanciness. The Treat Yourself award recognises Bolt Food’s most popular high-end restaurants. Now, someone pass us the sushi and champagne… 


Red Ginger – With an exciting mix of Asian flavours, Red Ginger always delivers the flavour and the flair

“The food at Red Ginger is worth every cent…delicious, tasty, appetizing, scrumptious, luscious, mouth-watering, delightful, and charming. Uhm… Did I go a bit overboard?”

Verified Vegetarian 

At Bolt, we’re proud to partner with restaurants offering plant-based dishes. This award takes into account the number of orders and average ratings to crown your favourite vegetarian restaurants!


Chowpaty – Chowpaty is so good, once you go plant you won’t wanna go back.

“I ❤️ that Chowpaty is fully vegetarian and fully delicious! Welcome to the plant side. *say with a Darth Vader’s voice*.”

Maples Oven – Best Value For Money Winner

Best Value for Money 

Just because there’s a lower price tag, it doesn’t mean it’s lower quality. Our Best Value for Money category showcases the restaurant where you can get good food at a bargain price. What’s not to like?


Maples Oven Restaurant – A great breakfast, lunch or dinner at pocket-friendly prices is always a WIN in our books.

“When your pockets say “NO!”, Maples Oven says “OH YES!” and “Come back for more!”

The King of Local Food

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the taste of authentic Kenyan cuisine! This award’s given to a restaurant specialising in homegrown goodness with the most 5-star ratings.


Agulu Lounge – From their fish to their pork to their oh so scrumptious kienyeji chicken – Agulu Lounge has cemented themselves as the masters of local food.

“If I’m looking for mouth-watering meals cooked with love the way mama does, I always turn to Agulu.”

Early Bird

You know what they say — the early bird gets the… best dish? Well, that’s certainly the case for this category. We’re celebrating the restaurant with the highest orders and ratings first thing in the morning. Did someone say breakfast?


Barista & Co – Freshly brewed coffee – check. A delicious selection of meals to kick start your day – also check.

“1. Wake up.  2. Order breakfast from Barista. 3. Hustle. 4. Repeat. 🔥”

DILLI! – Curries & Grill – Midday Hero Winner

Midday Hero

This category recognises the restaurant with the most midday orders and 5-star ratings. If you want to up your lunch game, then this is the restaurant to check out in 2022. 


DILLI! – Curries & Grill – Lunchtime eats are the most essential – how else do you get through a long day?  Cheers to DILLI! For their awesome midday meals.

“Whenever it’s been a long morning and I feel hangry, I order from DILLI!. Satisfaction guaranteed – and a little itis too.  😋”

Well, that’s a wrap for this year’s Bolt Food Restaurant Awards. A huge congratulations again to all the winners who have kept their customers full and happy in 2021. 

We’re already looking forward to 2022’s awards. And remember, if you want to order from any of our winners (as well as thousands of other amazing restaurants), download the Bolt Food app, today!

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