Weekend and part-time jobs in Nairobi that help you save up

10 Dec 2021

Looking for weekend and part-time jobs in Nairobi that will help you save up? Maybe you’d love some extra money but don’t have a ton of extra time. Maybe you’re looking for a job that won’t pack on too much stress to your already busy life. Whatever kind of gig you’re looking for, here’s a list of part-time jobs in Nairobi that will help you save up for… well that’s your business, not ours!

Freelancing part-time jobs in Nairobi

Got a skill that people are willing to pay for? Freelancing is a way to use the talents and abilities you’ve got and sell them directly to the people who need them. The world of work is changing. Many workers, searching for more freedom and autonomy, are leaving their current jobs to freelance in a movement known as “The Great Resignation.” And businesses often don’t want to add a permanent expense to their payroll in the form of a salaried employee and will look to outside freelance contractors to do the work that needs to get done. And the good news is that with freelancing, you can work whenever and as much (or as little) — as you like!

If you’re not quite sure where to start, browse some job listings on a few freelancer platforms. Upwork and Fiverrr are two of the most popular ones, so they’ll be a great place to start! Scroll through the listings on some of these websites to get a better idea of what kind of freelancers people in (CITY) are looking for, and what kind of help you might be able to offer them.

As a freelancer, you’ll be in charge of your own schedule and online hours. The same goes for becoming a Bolt Food courier. Here’s more: What is it like to work as a self-employed courier.

Brand ambassador part-time jobs in Nairobi

Are you a people person? Such a people person, in fact, that you don’t mind talking to strangers? Are you enthusiastic, a good communicator, and able to stand on your feet for hours at a time? If so, a weekend or part-time job as a brand ambassador could be right up your alley! Working as a brand ambassador, you’ll do things like product demos, give away samples, even conduct questionnaires. But if you’re good at it and are in the right industry, you can make a good amount of money! And the best part is that this job is super flexible, which is another reason why it’s a great option if you’re looking for an evening or a part-time job!

If part-time or weekend jobs are not for you, why not consider signing up as a Bolt Food courier instead?

Becoming a Bolt Food courier in Nairobi

Becoming a Bolt Food courier is another fantastic way for earning some extra money. You get to be your own boss so you can decide when, or even if, you go online each day! There are actually at least eight good reasons to love it. And whether you spend 45 hours or 45 minutes delivering food from restaurants all around Nairobi, you get paid every single week!

Signing up as a Bolt Food courier in Nairobi couldn’t be easier. Go ahead and complete the following registration form and a member of our team will contact you once your application has been reviewed. You’ll need to add some basic information and attach your personal documentation so that we can verify your identity. Once that’s completed we’ll speed you through your onboarding training and have you out earning money on your time, in no time! 

Sign up as a Bolt courier today! 

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