Bolt 2020 in review: #LifeKeepsMoving

15 Dec 2020


2020 was a tough year, wasn’t it? We’re not here to remind you of all the unexpected crazy things that went down. Instead, we’d like to take a bit of time to focus on some of the positives.

Here’s a recap of some of 2020’s happy stats from Bolt to remind you that despite everything, life keeps moving. Exactly as it did for one heroic South-African Bolter who kept moving and moving and moving for a total of 315 km — the longest Bolt ride of the year.

bolt end of the year campaign_life keeps moving

By the way, if you want to find out how many kilometres and minutes you spent with Bolt this year, head on over to your Bolt app and open your yearly recap by tapping on the green box below the map to unravel how you moved this year!

You’ll see how many minutes you spent with Bolt, how long your longest ride was and much more.  Top it off by sharing those cool stats with your friends to get them a Bolt promo code for a discounted ride.

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If you can’t see your Bolt 2020 numbers in the app, make sure that your app is updated to the latest version.

To get you in the mood, here are some fun Bolt facts from this year:

  • In the leaderboard of “Most items lost in Bolt cars”, our friends in the UK took the lead;
  • The most punctual Bolt drivers are in Estonia and Malta – they (almost) always arrive on time;
  • Sweden had the most night-time rides while Croatians seem to be the earliest birds of them all;
  • Poland had a real micro mobility fever, bringing Bolt scooters to 10 new cities;
  • Nigerians shared some really happy vibes with giving the biggest number of 5-stars ratings to their drivers;
  • Nigerian riders also scored the first prize in feedbacking their rides by leaving the most comments;
  • Slovakia brought us the busiest driver of them all with 9,780 completed rides;
  • Portugal became the country with the biggest variety of Bolt services with ride-hailing, scooters, e-bikes and Bolt Food;
  • And South Africa? Apart from having the longest Bolt ride of the year, South Africa is also the country with the most night owls.

The 2020 Bolt recap is waiting for you

Ready for some more fun and positive news and stats from 2020? We’re with you on that one. Open your Bolt app and see what 2020 looked like in Bolt numbers.

Don’t have the app but still interested? You won’t have much to look at now, but download the Bolt app now and your future self will love you for it.

Here’s to fast and affordable rides!

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