Bolt donated over €5M to aid organisations that support Ukraine

27 Apr 2022

bolt supports ukrain

We stand with Ukraine. Following Russia’s invasion of the country, we committed to donating 5% of every order in Europe to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) over a two-week period, starting on the 1st of March. 

It was a direct donation and had no impact on order prices nor driver and courier earnings. However, every Bolt ride and Bolt Food delivery contributed to the overall amount. 

Thanks to our customers, we donated over €5M in total. Besides transferring money, some incredible initiatives have been brought to life by our own big-hearted employees, just wanting to help.

We’ve covered some of the NGOs who received monetary aid from Bolt. What follows is the second list of organisations who’ve received donations and insights into how the money will be used.

The UN Refugee Agency 

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) uses the donation to protect the rights of refugees and help build a better future fo those forcefully displaced from Ukraine. Thanks to a larger regional donation, we were able to support their operations within Ukraine and the bordering countries Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova.

© UNHCR/Mihai von Eremia

You can get involved and help by making a donation through their website

Tallinn Rotary

Tallinn Rotary has used the donation to purchase and send five ambulances and a variety of medical and food supplies to Ukraine.

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps uses the donation to provide humanitarian support, such as a supply of essential food and hygiene supplies on the ground in Ukraine and bordering countries Romania and Poland.

You can help by making a donation through their website.

International Rescue Committee Poland

International Rescue Committee Poland uses the donation to provide basic emergency assistance such as blankets, warm clothes, stoves, food, or cash assistance for displaced people in Poland.

You can get involved and help refugees by making a donation through their website

President Kaljulaid Foundation

The foundation of the former Estonian president uses the donation to support independent media houses in Ukraine and Ukrainian journalists.

You can join their mission and support them with a donation made through their website.

Refugee Support Europe

Refugee Support Europe uses the donation to provide emergency food and hygiene items for Ukrainians living in the homes of welcoming Moldovans. 

You can help them by donating through their website.

War Child

War Child uses the donation to train organisations on the ground so they would be able to provide children with psychological support as quickly as possible.

You can get involved and help by making a donation through their website.

How can you help?

There’s a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine right now. Donations help. Voluntary support is needed. Contact your local refugee help organisation and find out what can be done and how you can support them the most. 

Read the news, stay informed and be mindful. Only follow trusted and well-known media channels for updates and make sure your family and friends do the same. 

Stay strong, Ukraine!

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