Bolt’s guide to getting around this festive season

30 Nov 2021

The holidays are a time for love, family, and community. So, we’re sharing some tips to help you enjoy the season more and worry less when moving with Bolt.

Give yourself more time to save time ⏰

With everyone out shopping and attending parties, there’s bound to be heavier traffic than usual. You’ll feel far less anxious and rushed if you allow extra time for your journey — especially if you live in a big city. 

So give yourself a little more time when requesting a Bolt ride. You can then kick back and relax in the backseat, crossing off items on your to-do list or listening to your favourite podcast! 

Get a ride to fly 🛬

We understand the worry of getting to and from the airport during the holidays. But rest easy and get there with Bolt! There’s no need to worry about parking or searching for the best public transport option. 

Your Bolt driver will be waiting for you at home or at the arrivals terminal minutes after you request a ride.

Ride Together 🚘

During the busy holiday season, it can often feel difficult to find time to see all your friends. You’ve got gifts to buy, events to attend, and, to top it all off, friends to see.

But with Bolt, you can now pick up a friend or a two on the way to your destination by adding multiple stops. Simply tap the ‘+’ button during booking and add additional stops to your trip. 

Learn more about our multiple destination feature on our blog.

Park at your own risk 🚫

You don’t want to be that frustrated car owner circling the block in search of free parking or looking for the most friendly neighbourhood security person to watch over your car for the evening. It’s easier to be a Bolt rider — you enjoy the ease of owning your car but without the trouble of hunting for the perfect parking space.

With Bolt, you have an affordable private car service within minutes at the tap of a button.

Confirm your payment method 💳

Everyone loves a good surprise during the holidays, but no one likes the shock of finding out they didn’t select their preferred payment method at the end of a ride.

If requesting a cash trip, make sure you have enough cash on hand to save yourself the trouble of queuing up to withdraw cash at the last minute. 

Better still, opt for the most convenient payment and add your debit or credit card to your Bolt app!

Request your ride from a safe space 🏘️

Try (as much as possible) to stay in a safe space until it’s time to head off — especially when requesting a ride at night.

From the map, you can see exactly where your driver is, so, if you’re indoors, remain there until your driver arrives. If you’re outdoors, wait in a comfortable, well-lit area with others.

And remember, you’ll hear a ping when your driver arrives.

Call your driver with no airtime 📞

Don’t worry about extra airtime or buying a SIM card when visiting family and friends this season. With Bolt, you only need your mobile data to reach your driver. 

Simply click on the chat icon on the ride info bar and send your driver a message, or tap the call icon and select ‘call driver in-app’.

Match the name and plate 

You and your ride should be a match made in Bolt paradise. Remember, all details need to match what’s listed in your app for the pairing to be successful.

In the Bolt app, you can see your driver’s photo, name, current rating, vehicle plate, and model. If anything doesn’t check out, then don’t get into the car. Cancel the trip request and use the cancellation reason ‘Car or driver do not match’ and our support team will help.

Take your loved ones with you 📍

Although it’s the season to be merry, some extra peace of mind is always a nice topping on the holiday pudding. Let your loved ones follow your journey in real-time and see when you’ve arrived without having to text or call.

With our ‘Share Trip Info’ feature, your friends and family can see your trip details and access your real-time location.

This means they’ll have no excuse when it’s time to come out and help with all the bags! 

Help us create safer rides for everyone 💚

The end of the year is always the time to celebrate our commitment to the most important people. And for us at Bolt, that’s you.

Your safety is at the heart of all that we do and we count on your honest feedback to create a safer ride experience for everyone. You can reach our support team at any time directly within the Bolt app or via the email

We’ll help you get there 🚗

Whatever your holiday agenda — visiting family, shopping, or hanging out with old friends — request a Bolt ride and get where you need to go. 

When it comes to moving around this holiday season, staying safe and making the best of it isn’t a difficult task when you know what to do. A little more preparation can make a huge difference, and with these tips, you can enjoy the holiday season knowing that you can get a safe ride at the tap of a button.

Thank you for choosing to ride with Bolt. Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday!

If you need a ride, download the Bolt app here and try it yourself! 🚗

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